Saving Kitty | Ongoing

Being the daughter of the coldest, most ruthless alpha to be in power was not always pleasant. The surname 'Flowers' brought fear and terror wherever it was uttered. Her father took destruction with him wherever he went. With a father who despised the word 'no', rejection was never in the cards for Kitty.

However, knowing the consequences of being rejected, Kitty cannot allow harm to befall on Gabriel's pack when he refuses to accept her. Especially knowing how his pack entwines with her own pack already, she vows to help him in any way she can. She refuses to allow him to think that she is a replica of her father.

But secrets can't always be kept hidden.


2. 01 | lacuna


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a blank space, a missing part.



FEELING THE FRIGID AIR SLAP MY skin felt surprisingly wonderful. My lungs burned, and I welcomed the pain. Running as fast I could was the only real taste I could get of being a wolf. My body automatically ducked under incoming tree branches reaching out, automatically jumped over rocks threatening to trip me up. The wind wiped away the sweat beads that threatened to fall into my eyes.

My heart hammered hard in my chest for two reasons. The first was because of the run itself. The second was for how far I'd gotten; I was almost nearing the territory's edge. I could just about see the river that was at the end of our territory, separating us from the small slither of neutral territory. I wanted to reach it – this time of day was the only time I had a real chance.

And then the chorus of howls began.

Internally cursing, I slowed to a stop. My legs screeched out in pain, but I kept myself upright. Hands on my hips as I breathed deeply in and out, catching what was left of my breath. Anyone else might have just walked to the edge of the territory, after all, there were no guards patrolling here yet. But I couldn't. It wasn't safe – the howls signified curfew: all mateless she-wolves and children were to be inside before the sun finished setting. My father had enforced it, in case the condemned lurked on the territory but we had never had a problem with them before.

Staring at the small wooden bridge, I promised herself that one day I would reach it. I wanted a glimpse of life outside the pack at least once – especially since I was likely to never leave the territory. And if I did, it would just to be another one where I would be confined just as tightly, if not more. Letting out a small sigh, I turned and walked straight back to the pack house.

It didn't take long, but in the eyes of the guards circling the pack house, I'd taken too long to get back. I hadn't stopped; my lungs were burning more since I'd forced myself to get back in time. The sky was only just turning into a deep orange; I knew if I was anyone else, I'd have been allowed a couple more minutes to get in.

"Thanks, Jesse," I nodded at the darker furred wolf as I slowly walked in. It's a habit I've formed, to thank them when I enter. It always seemed to make them happier being praised by a member who ranked higher than them.

Avoiding the maids, and the bustling of pack members leaving, I headed straight for the east wing of the house. I was the only one who was living there – apparently, when more members of the pack had lived in the house, mateless she-wolves were forced to live in the east wing. Fortunately, I was the only one who was mateless in the family, and so I had the wing to myself.

Nathan and Leila, along with Mum and Dad, lived in the west wing – where the alpha, anassa and heir lived. If Nathan were to die or go missing for a long period of time, Dad would have to move me there. The thought terrified me – I couldn't imagine being in a position of power. Not within this pack at least. It was too large, and the pack despised me; that was putting it nicely.

Grabbing a towel from my room, I quickly sped off to the shower. It was one decently sized room but unfortunately not attached to my room. But I couldn't complain – it was my own shower and I had constant hot water. Dad liked to remind me that often a lot of packs didn't have running hot water. I needed to be grateful for what he provided us - all of us.

After showering off the sweat and dressing in part-formal clothes, I was about to leave until my mother walked in. Before she said anything, she looked at my appearance before smiling slightly and nodding. At least I had her approval before dinner.

"It's good to see you haven't forgotten about the family dinner tonight," my mother smiled. I nodded, wondering what she wanted, "But you were gone for a while, Kitty."

"I went for a run," I said, sitting down on the edge of my bed.

"Well, we need to talk quickly, before you go down to dinner," suddenly, I realised where this conversation would be going. My heart sunk and I had to hold in an exasperated sigh, "We need to discuss your birthday celebrations."

My birthday had come and gone – two months ago, to be exact. But we hadn't held an official 'coming of age' party. Dad called it a 'birthday' party while I called it useless. It wasn't needed – usually it was to show acceptance in the pack but I couldn't exactly choose to leave the pack. My loyalty was here; I had no choice in the matter.

"Sure," I put on a faux smile. Over the years, I'd learned to perfect it, "Sounds like a good idea." It wasn't going to be as lavish as Nathan's – I knew that much. Due to Nathan inheriting the pack when my father – if he decided to – stepped down, his party needed to be a show of power and wealth. Many alphas had been invited and most turned up; whether they had really wanted to or not. I had no idea what happened to the alphas who refused.

"Your father wants to hold it outside, just like we did for Nathan's. He doesn't want to ruin the house when people transition," my mother informed me. Smiling, I nodded acting as I had a choice in the matter. What Dad said, went. That was the way it always had been.

"Sounds great, Mum," I said.

"He's also going to have invite all the alphas who are loyal to him. He's hoping you might find your mate with one of them," holding the smile, I felt my heart sink even deeper. Of course he would want me to find my mate – if it was with one of the alphas already loyal to him, it would strengthen the bond. If it was someone from a pack who had refused to bow, he could take it over without much effort.

There was always a hidden reason behind everything my father did. He let me enter secondary school with mundanes so that I'd be able to communicate clearly with others beneath me. As soon as I hit sixteen, he'd taken me away and given me duties so that when I met my highly ranked mate, I would be the perfect match. I was submissive, obedient and able to help my mate with any pack needs.

The perfect female, he always said.

"That's great," I hoped she couldn't hear the strain in my voice.

"I'm glad you approve. Now, walk with me to dinner. Your father will want to talk to you more about his plans," her mother let out a slight squeal, "I'm so excited!"

"So am I," getting off the bed, I followed her. My mind was distracted though. The last time we'd held a party so grand was Nathan's celebratory party three years ago for his eighteenth. I was fifteen, and so excited. But three years had changed a lot and I wasn't the same naïve girl any more. I wouldn't be sneaking drinks with friends, or watching Nathan topple over himself from being too intoxicated. I wouldn't be staring in the distance at the alphas, intimidated by their strong presence.

It was going to be a very different night, and I knew it wasn't for the better.




Staring at the mountain of paperwork in front of me, I resisted sighing. Even though Dad wasn't in the office, I knew he would have most likely heard it. How could there be so much paperwork for a small pack? There were only twenty members, at most. I'd expected this amount for a pack with forty to fifty members. Not twenty! Throwing my head into my hands, I took in a deep breath. I could do this.

Picking up the first file, I cautiously open it. A groan left my lips when I saw the terrible scribbles. Dad wanted to know who the best of the best were in this pack. He wanted the best cooks, the best fighters. Those who weren't good enough, he'd figure out what to do with them. I never questioned him. All I knew is that the best were invited to live in our territory.

Grabbing a spare sheet of lined paper, I started trying to decipher the handwriting. Nothing looked organised. As I flipped through the file, it became apparent that there was no order to it. There was a sinking feeling in my gut that the rest would be the same.

I couldn't leave them like this – Dad would go berserk. Everything needed to be ordered and organised. An important alpha like him didn't have the time to search through files to find what he needed. It had to be there ready for him. The bright side of having a disorganised mountain was that I couldn't do what else Dad had planned for me.

The further into the files I got, the more annoyed I got. It was easier to read the notes, and I could distinguish words quicker but it was still difficult. Half of the information that had been written down was irrelevant. How did the past alpha manage his pack?

With the windows open, I could hear continual grunting. Curious, I made my way to the edge of the window. Hiding behind the curtain, I watched the male wolves trained. It looked vicious and painful but Dad insisted that it was necessary. We needed to be the best, so that if there was ever an attack we'd survive with little damage to the pack. He'd won a lot of fights, and had attacked the Royal Family with Grandfather, so I knew it was best to heed his advice.

My eyes caught sight of Nathan and Jordan training. I widened my eyes as Jordan landed a heavy set of hits to my brother. He stood and took it though; but I knew my brother couldn't show weakness on the field. As the next to inherit the pack, he needed to show his continual strength. Apparently anyone in the pack could challenge him for position. I doubted they would. To do that was to disrespect our family. Disrespect meant punishment, and my father was not a man of mercy.

I'd wanted to train, wanted to learn how to defend myself but Dad had always said no. It wasn't needed; my mate should be able to take good enough care of me. Time and time again, I'd questioned him but he stood firm on his decision. Jordan would show me a couple of moves every so often but as we grew up, we barely got a chance to have any private time. He was training to be the next beta, a role he took in his stride. Nathan was training to be alpha, and I was training to be an alpha's mate. That was, if he would accept me.

Rumours had been circling that people were starting to go against the old ways – some wolves were picking their own mates. Ignoring the call within. I'd never believed it, never even had a second thought about choosing someone for myself. Everyone had always told me that I was destined to be with someone, and that the Mother of Wolves herself had chosen him for me. She was infallible.

That was where my belief in her legend ended.

If she was so infallible, why couldn't I transition into a wolf like the rest of my pack, the rest of my family? The change hadn't come at puberty like we'd expected, and nothing had happened on my eighteenth birthday, two months ago. The first time I'd shown no sign of shifting, I'd burst into tears. At fourteen, after everyone else had experienced their wolf, I'd burst into tears and broken down. My mother had been accepting, telling me there was nothing wrong with me. My father had worn a stoic expression and just walked out the room.

At fourteen, I was already labelled as the outcast. My life had slowly gone downhill from that moment. It was also around the same time I'd been forced to start my 'anassa' duties.

Pushing myself away from the window, my eyes darted back to the paperwork. Time to go back to work. There would be hell to pay if it wasn't finished soon.

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