How did that happen?

loren falls in love with her best friend but which one is it?


1. chapter one

Today is Mark's birthday so Zach, Nick, Ariel and I are making a surprise party for him. Hopefully he is shocked but I'm not good at secrets. Oops. I text the group to see what's going on and when are they coming over. I work on my hair and Makeup and by the time I'm done with that my phone beeps. I pick up my phone to see Ariel's text.

Ariel: in 2mins 

me: okay :)

I change my clothes then I do a musically to check out my outfit. It looks amazing so I post it and...

"THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED" Ariel screams walking in the front door like she owns the place.

I laugh and yell, "IM IN MY ROOM!"

I hope he loves this party I don't wanna disappoint my best frann. Ariel strolls in my room and sits on my bed. 

Zach comes crashing in my room,

 "BEST FRIEND. IT"S MY BEST FRIEND!" I laugh when he hugs me tightly and Ariel looks like she knows something I don't.

*Skips 2 hours and everyone is there but Mark*

I ask Nick a question, "Where did you tell Mark to go?"

"I had Adym take him shoe shopping at the mall. So he should be here in ten minutes." he checks his phone then types something. "Make that 2 minutes." 

"PLACES EVERYBODY!" I scream then hide behind my couch.

My door starts to open and I try to be as quiet as a mouse. Then they walk all the way in. 

We all screamed, "SURPRISE!" and Adym joins in and Mark is really shocked.

"Who planed this? I'm so shocked. It looks amazing." I run up towards Mark. 

"I DID BEST FRANN." I smile and jump in his arms. When I do he catches me and spins me around. I giggle and notice that Ariel is whispering something to Nick. I wonder what?







// Hey guys, hows the story so far? im writing this on my phone then typeing it on here. I hope it is really good. Loren beech is my legit queen. if you have any suggestions i will gladly take them. What do think Ariel whispered? what do you think will happen? I also need a girlfriend for adym so comment name ,age, what you look like, likes/dislikes, and hobbies. THANKS SO MUCH MY LOVELY QUEENS. Love you all, Kassie <3 //

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