Supernatural fanfic: Dean x reader (reader's point of view)

Hi guys! So this story is about Dean Winchester from the TV series Supernatural meeting the reader and finding love with them. They end up together and they get married and have a baby. I'm not telling you the gender. I'm going to let you read about it. I HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!


1. Meeting the Winchesters


(Y/n) was a hunter, a lovely (h/c) woman with (e/c) eyes and soft (s/c) skin.He was a lovely who was nothing but normal. He was also a hunter. He was walking down the sidewalk when suddenly we bump into each other. " Oh, sorry!'', I said. ''No its fine. I was just going that way.'',he said. I said, '' Oh, that's funny because I was,too." He said 

"Well we can walk together." I said, ''We shall! I didn't catch  your name." He answered, ''Dean Winchester." Then, we walked off into the night.

-timeskip into reader's home, 2 hours-  

We sat on the couch watching TV when we heard a knock on the door. "Come in!", Dean said. A tall guy with long hair came in and shut the door behind him. Dean then asked,''Where have you been,Sam? I have someone I would like you to meet," "Dining and looking for you.'', the tall guy answered. "(Y/n),this is my brother, Sam." Dean said. Sam said,'' Hey, how are you?'' I said, ''Hi, I'm (y/n). I'm doing fine. And you?'' Sam goes,''I'm fine." Sam turns to Dean and said,''So there is tons of what we're after.'' Dean goes,''I bet.''   Dean turns to me and goes, 

"I'm sorry but I forgot to tell you that Sam here is also a hunter. We actually came from a hunter family." I said,

"Oh, well,you actually DID tell me that on the walk here."   Dean said,

" Did I, sweetheart?" I had a look of confusion on my face when Sam said to me,

"It's OK. He calls everyone  that." Sam then sat on the couch to watch TV. Dean goes into the kitchen and gets dinner started. I told Dean, ''Oh, I could get dinner stated.'' Dean looked at me and said."Oh no, I'll do it. Trust me, you're gonna like what i'm making."  So I went to my bedroom, got  some clothes and took a shower. Dean turned around and yelled,''Where are you going?'' I yelled back, ''To take a shower." Sam went to the kitchen and grabbed  a water bottle sat back on the couch. Dean got started.I went in my bathroom and got undressed when my phone rang. ''Hello?'', I said. The voice on the other end said," Hey sweetie, how's it going?" I then realized it was my dad. 

"Good. I was just about to take a shower.", I said. "OK, I'll talk to you later.  Love you, sweetie.", Dad said. "Love you too, Dad. Bye!." Then I hung up.


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