Three Simple Words

Sometimes the people that mean the most to us hurt us the most.

Based on a true life story.

WARNING: Contains self harm and suicide content. Also contains swearing and mild sexual content.


3. Sparks & Hookups


Josh`s POV 

"What the fu..." She said as she looked up. 

"Where`s your lunch?" I demanded. 

"Why do you care?" She shot back "And where`s your manners?" 

"I care because you need to eat. And besides, I tried to get your attention nicely but you ignored me." 

"I`m not hungry." She stated, trying to grab her phone out of my hands. I just sat there as she tried to grab it out of my hand, her fingers brushing mine. When she did, I swear I felt sparks. She must have felt it too, because she jerked her hand back and looked down at the table.

"Can I have my phone?" She mumbled. I started to hand it back to her when it buzzed, indicating that she had a text message. Out of habit, I looked down and was shocked at what I saw. 

   Unknown: Hey sexy, we should hook up sometime ;) 

I knew that number. I jumped and stormed over to the middle of the cafeteria where Jeremy sat with his friends, taking the phone with me. 

"What the fuck is this?" I demanded to know, shoving the phone in his face. 

"Got her number, bro. You want it so you can hook up with her to?" He laughed

"Why would you do that?"

"Why do you care? She`s not yours." 

"Yet." I mumbled under my breath.

A throat cleared behind us, and we whirled around to see Raeghyn standing there, arms crossed, giving  us a glare. 

"If you`re done fantasizing about having sex with me, can I have my phone back?" I handed it to her, and she immediately turned away, leaving the cafeteria. 

Jeremy`s POV 

I received a text about 30 minutes later. 

  Raeghyn: When and where?

  Me: Tonight, my house. 7:00.

  R: See you later ;) 

I looked over at Josh across the room, who was still glaring at me and gave him a smirk.  


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