Three Simple Words

Sometimes the people that mean the most to us hurt us the most.

Based on a true life story.

WARNING: Contains self harm and suicide content. Also contains swearing and mild sexual content.


2. Gym Class

Raeghyn` POV

"Hey..." I looked up from the spot I was staring at on the floor to see two pairs of eyes looking at me. One an icy blue, the other a warm and inviting chocolate brown.

"Hi." I replied quietly. 

"Um... I`m Josh. This is my friend Jeremy." Said the one with the beautiful brown eyes. I looked back at them, offering a slight smile in return. 

"And you are..." Jeremy questioned. 

"Raeghyn." I blurted, looking back down to the spot on the floor.

"It`s nice to meet you. Can I ask a question?" Josh asked, touching my arm, which scared the crap out of me. 

"Uh, sure." 

"Why are you wearing a sweatshirt? It`s like 80 degrees in here."

"Uh... I`m just cold." I said, still looking down at the floor. 

"Are you sure? It`s pretty hot in here." 

"Ok, I hope you all had a chance to get to know each other! Everyone line up on that side of the gym for warm ups." My teacher interrupted before I could respond. I let out a breath of relief and joined the rest of the class. 

Josh`s POV 

As the three of us walked over to join the rest of the class, I could not help but admire her beauty. Her waist long blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail, and her blue eyes sparkled. Even with the scars on her thighs, she was still beautiful. Wait...

"Jeremy." I hissed, pulling him aside. "Did you see her thighs?" 

"Yes of course. Cut them all up."

"That`s why she`s wearing a sweatshirt. She doesn't want anyone to see."

"Your point?"

"You`re an ass, you know that, right?"

"Yeah, she has a great ass." He said, watching her walk away. I slapped him on the back of the head, hoping to knock some sense into him. 

"Hey boys, if you`re done beating each other up, would you mind joining the rest of us?" A voice from behind us said. 

"Yes, sir." We both mumbled, and joined the rest of the class. 

An hour later, we walked into the locker room with the other guys. 

"Yo guys, did you all see that girl wearing the sweatshirt? Man she is so messed up, cutting herself like that. I`m gonna have her in my bed by the end of the week." One of the jocks boasted. 

"Shut the fuck up." I said as I walked behind him. "Keep your hands off of her." 

"Ooooohhhhhh does Joshie have a girlfriend?" the other guys said in unison.

I just glared at them and took my shirt off as I walked over to my locker. 

Raeghyn`s POV

I walked into the lunchroom, and found a table in the corner by myself. I pulled out my phone and stuck my earbuds in. I was looking through my Instagram feed when someone sat across from me. I ignored them, probably just someone looking to bother me. I heard a throat clear, and I looked up briefly but looked back down. A hand reached across the table and pulled out my earbuds. 

"What the fu...." I started to say as I looked up into those familiar brown eyes.


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