Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Four

The Apocalypse in New York has taken its toll on Stella. As she takes care of Cara, and her friends, they battle the rogues who still want her dead, as a New World Order causes the citizens to rise up against the Government...and fight back before it's too late.


4. The rogues


The rogues ​gripped their air rifles in their grey gloved hands. They saw the hospital rubble. Cries of patients, doctors, and nurses, were a startling sight; cries of patients' injuries rattled their shattered nerves; cries of death hit hard, as they extracted Meredith Anson from the ward. "​Help me! Help me! Help me!​", she screamed. "It's alright. You'll live", a rogue said sinisterly. She gazed at them. "You're rogues!", she uttered. And they nodded. Meredith checked herself. She had minor cuts to her right hand. Some blood spilled down it. "Here's the First Aid kit", one of the rogues said. "What's your name?", Meredith asked. "Damon Sykes", the rogue answered her. She nodded. "I don't want to go to the camps; I want to go home". Damon, who stood six foot tall, was dressed in grey soldier's garb. His black boots on his feet were stained with dust. He wore grey goggles across his head to protect himself from the dust; he grabbed another spare pair of goggles for her. "Here. Take them!". Meredith did as she was told; she didn't want to believe in fate. In her shattered mind, the rogues were as bad as the nurses. She did as she was told...and as she walked towards the black jeeps, she was glad to be alive.


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