Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Four

The Apocalypse in New York has taken its toll on Stella. As she takes care of Cara, and her friends, they battle the rogues who still want her dead, as a New World Order causes the citizens to rise up against the Government...and fight back before it's too late.


1. Stella Kincaid


The war had taken its toll on us.

I was taking Cara to the Air Raid shelter. She saw old gas masks on the wall. "Get one now before the rogues arrive", I said to her. "Yes, Mom!", she said. James, Trish, and Rich, were surveying the radiation barrels that were dumped by the military. They didn't grab them with their hands; they wore black gloves on their hands. All of us breathed in the oxygen, as we saw more soldiers aiming their air rifles at a group of teenagers. All of them saw us; all of them shifted in the grey seats, while a patrol leader ordered the driver to head to Upper Manhattan. I attended to Cara's needs first; Rich, Trish, and James, shook their heads. "They're going to Marble Hill. Maybe it'll be away from the shooting", Rich told us. "They'll be in the camps near the millionaire's Mansions", Trish added. She imagined marrying a rich man of worth when she was older. But the war was on her mind. I didn't need a boy right now; I was a young mother to Cara; I had to survive for her. And our friends. I made sure that she was fixed up; I was concerned about getting permanent custody of Cara when I was older, and going to the New York Supreme Court; I was thinking a lot of things, as she spoke. "Mom, I look funny". I smiled at her. "It's for the good, Cara. In a warzone, we have to be prepared for The Apocalypse". And I hugged we watched the jeeps coming and going.


Colonel Bradley Kane Lowe, Jr., smoked a cigar. "Marble Hill for the rich people, John. You know about the rogues; you know their kind of work". He started to think that map of the place. "Everyone's getting the underground marble, you know", Upper Manhattan Republican Senator John Cart said. He drank his coffee. "It's cold", he said. He saw the acrid smoke staining the hot grilles along the black path. The grey buildings were hot; the buildings were ​cracking. ​The Colonel stopped smoking. He stubbed a black, polished, boot. Then he watched the yellow New York City cabs honking in the deep abyss. "It's time, Colonel. We have a schedule to keep", the Senator said. And, after they headed into another cab, the war had come home for them all.


Cara was older. And wiser. I scanned the E-scanner. I scrolled onto the I-phone app. And, as I searched 'Marble Hill', I knew where we were headed.

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