Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Four

The Apocalypse in New York has taken its toll on Stella. As she takes care of Cara, and her friends, they battle the rogues who still want her dead, as a New World Order causes the citizens to rise up against the Government...and fight back before it's too late.


3. Meredith Anson


​Meredith Anson ​watched the Apocalypse at the Manhattan Children's Hospital. "You're going to leave soon", the nurse said. She glanced out of the blackened windows; she wore a white hospital gown. Her long, blonde hair was clean; her green eyes focused on the other children who were getting their blood taken. "But my mom and dad...", she begun to say, "...They're gone", the nurse told her. "Gone; gone, where? New York, Los Angeles...". The nurse gazed at the chart...then left her alone to ponder her future in the New World.


The nurse arrived at Midday. "You'll be transferred to the Marble Hill shelter". Meredith, who was eight, stared at her; she stared at the warm, hospital, food that was on a silver tray. She drank some orange juice. ​A shelter; a military shelter​, she thought of her Uncle Richard Anson who was a soldier in Iraq from 2002 to 2015. He was in the Middle East fighting the insurgents; he had come home to New York fighting one long war...and now there was yet another war that caused him to feel awful. "​The Apocalypse is coming, Uncle Richard...​". And he kissed her, then fled to Indiana with his wife Anna, and their five children. Meredith was sick in the winter of 2016. And now, as 2017 arrived, she was watching the high-definition cable television report on the war...and shuddered with fear.


"When will I be transferred?", Meredith asked the nurse. "One o'clock PM", the nurse answered. She ate her lunch quickly; she finished drinking. By twelve-thirty PM, the nurse's shift changed. "Okay Meredith, let's change. I'll close the green curtains". And she nodded, as she looked out of the window...and sighed. After she was changed, Meredith stared at the nurse. "Can I see my parents?", she asked her. "​No​. It's best for you to go to the camps", she answered. Meredith watched the grimy streets outside. "I want...". And, seconds later, she knew the truth. That, in the final minutes before one o'clock PM, New York exploded into oblivion.

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