Zone Girl in the Apocalyptic World Book Four

The Apocalypse in New York has taken its toll on Stella. As she takes care of Cara, and her friends, they battle the rogues who still want her dead, as a New World Order causes the citizens to rise up against the Government...and fight back before it's too late.


2. Marble Hill


​We arrived at Marble Hill. 

The smoke was causing Cara to be nauseous. "I hate ​the place, Mom". I was about to say something when James spoke in a strong voice. "There's a lot of politicians and military people who are corrupt; money speaks in Washington, DC", he said. Trish watched a homeless girl extracting trash out of a burned-out trash bin. She stared at us; she wore a grey night gown. "Mom's dead. And so its Dad". Cara watched her. "I'm Cara". The girl spoke. "Amy Dean". I watched them, and grinned. "I'm Stella Kincaid". Amy nodded. "Mom and Dad were arrested by the rogues. They put handcuffs on them". Trish stared at her. "How old are you, Amy?", she asked her. "Nine". Amy was about to eat a slice of pizza when I said: "Stop!​ We'll find a place to eat, and get supplies. You'll eat proper food, Amy", I answered. And she smiled, just before the sound of gunfire disturbed the silence.

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