(thinking of you) at the bottom of a spiral staircase

short story, sorry my writing has really gotten worse, i love this concept but not the voice, cool style though, kinda bad, but i love

1. .

their first kiss was at the bottom of the spiral staircase.

she was thinking of the lounge below them. she could hear voices and ping pong. in her mind's eye, she could see it: the mirrors and neon signs and hot pizza boxes on the counter. she loved it there, and it reminded her of him.

he was thinking of the dorms above them. he could hear doors opening, and doors closing, and he could see himself walking the halls. the doors were loud and hard to push open. the rooms were hot and suffocating. he loved them because of what they meant, and because being there meant she was there too.

she was thinking of hell. it had been so long since she had seen him. it had been so long, and the worst part was how the memories faded. she would always remember him, but hell was when it wasn't as clear. hell was every day without him.

he was thinking of heaven. his heaven was with her, he knew. he believed in heaven, and this was what it must be like. heaven was in her eyes. heaven was in being there, with her, and knowing her.

she was thinking of the past. they had met long ago, when they were little enough that she had no memory of it or anything else. she had always known him. yes, the years blurred together into what was more of a feeling than a memory. and she felt it every day. she thought it might have been love.

 he was thinking of the future. he wanted to spend it with her. he wanted to be there for her, and he wanted to see her all the time. he wanted them to exist together, and fit together. he wanted them to feel right, years and years from now, and he wanted them to be old together.

she was thinking of fate. it was fate that they were here together, and it was fate that they had found each other.

he was thinking of luck. he thought it must have taken all the luck in the world for them to be together. he was lucky.

she was thinking of him.

 he was thinking of her.

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