The Vanisher

Back a few years ago, one of the world's most mysterious crimes ever committed left everyone stooped.
To this day, the goal and the criminal are still a mystery.
But, what people don't know what that the crime wasn't meant to be a crime in the first place.
The Vanisher, after many years, has returned with a mission, one that could change the world forever.


10. Routine

So, when you're in school, it's basically the same thing everyday.

You get up at the crack of dawn, go to school full of classes that are useless when it comes to real life.

It's sad to say that the highlight of my day is band.

That's right, BAND.

I get to just play music and not do actual work.

That's kinda cool.

And I get to see Tim.

He's kinda my only friend, and the only person who talks to me.

He's pretty cool, actually, even for the cocky trumpet player that he is.

Anyway, I also have my daily stalk, no joke, of Mr. Campbell.

And man, Smith was right.

This guy has ZERO life.

It's pathetic.

How can this possibly be the murderer from like two years ago?

He seems so clean, but I know he isn't.

Something is definitely wrong with him.

I can feel it whenever he looks me in the eyes, like he knows......everything.

Then I go to after school rehearsals or sectionals, go home, do homework, give update to Director Jones, go to bed.

And that's it.

Tonight, I decide to do something different.

I suit up.

I transform and start patrolling the city from the shadows of the rooftops.

It's weird to look at all the people walk by, not knowing what lies above them.

This mission, it isn't so bad.

School isn't too bad either.

I guess it just took some getting used to.

But one thing I'll never get used to is seeing the murderer who killed my family everyday.

The one who turned me into a mutant.

A monster.

That's something I'll never be able to get used to.

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