The Vanisher

Back a few years ago, one of the world's most mysterious crimes ever committed left everyone stooped.
To this day, the goal and the criminal are still a mystery.
But, what people don't know what that the crime wasn't meant to be a crime in the first place.
The Vanisher, after many years, has returned with a mission, one that could change the world forever.


2. Failed

But, that's NOT where the story ends.

Not at all.

In fact, it was just the beginning of one of the greatest mysteries ever.

But, of course, that's not at all what was supposed to happen that night.

There wasn't supposed to be a Night Shift Guard on duty at 2:37 am on the 2nd floor by room 26b.  It was supposed to be a clean shot, to get the info and stuff I needed.

That didn't happen.

Something went wrong and next thing I knew, I was far, far away, and no one will ever know it was me.

That is, until crazy started happening.

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