The Vanisher

Back a few years ago, one of the world's most mysterious crimes ever committed left everyone stooped.
To this day, the goal and the criminal are still a mystery.
But, what people don't know what that the crime wasn't meant to be a crime in the first place.
The Vanisher, after many years, has returned with a mission, one that could change the world forever.


15. Events

I follow Campbell, stalking him like a predator stalks it's prey.

That was a really weird way of putting it.


Anyway, I've never seen him go through this part of town.

He parks outside of an apartment building and walks inside.

I transform back into Ragan and follow him inside at a slow distance.

I look at my outfit.

White shirt and leggings.

Professional enough, right?

I walk inside and reveal a badge to the man at the counter.

"Officer Hart, sir, investigating at suspect in a crime.  Will you please tell me the location of this man?" I ask.

The guy looks at me.

"Uh, upstairs, I think, 3rd floor, room 31."

"Thank you."

I head up the stairs, and see Campbell shutting the door.  

I creep up to the door and put my ear against it, eavesdropping those inside.

"......returned.  This changes everything." I hear a man, not Campbell's, voice say.

"I'm with Byron.  Too risky.  This isn't worth it.  We can't do it.  Not with that thing here." Another voice says.

"Then eliminate the threat." Campbell says clearly.  "If you are so concerned, get rid of it.  Kill it.  Torture it.  Lock it up.  I don't care what you do.  We need this, Clint, and it will be done.  Remember, everyone of you is replaceable  And trust me, you'll regret this if you quit now."

"I'm out, okay?  I can't do this." Clint says.  Soundly, I hear a crack and a thud.

"Any more questions or quitters?" No sound.  "That's what I thought.  Now," he claps his hands together, "let's get started, shall we, gentlemen?".  


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