The Vanisher

Back a few years ago, one of the world's most mysterious crimes ever committed left everyone stooped.
To this day, the goal and the criminal are still a mystery.
But, what people don't know what that the crime wasn't meant to be a crime in the first place.
The Vanisher, after many years, has returned with a mission, one that could change the world forever.


25. Awkward

If you don't know me too well, I'm kinda an awkward person.

Probably being secretly half wolf and a secret agent has something to do with it.

Like, whenever people ask about my family, I just say simple things like "They're good" or "Yeah, families are great."

Families are great.

Who says that in regular conversation?

Not to mention all I ever do is lie.

I'm just weird like that.


"Ragan!  Did you hear Mr. Jensen?" Kelly asks me. 

I look at her.

I had zoned out again.

I really need to get more sleep.

I haven't slept for more than 4 hours a night since, what was it, last Tuesday?  Over a week ago?

Yeah, I passed out twice in first period already.

Like, out out.

Someone has to come shake me awake or I miss the class change.

How's that for awkward?

"No, what?" I ask.  Kelly rolls her eyes.

"We're starting at 32 and practicing the transition into the trumpet solo."

"Oh, okay." I say.  I put up my horn and the drum majors count us off.

We do the drill and then kneel as Kelly plays her solo.

It's 'Your Song'  and it's only a few measures.

She messes it up, again, though.

We've run through this at least 5 times, and she's screwed up every time.

"Stop, just stop!" Mr. Jensen yells.  "Kelly, why do you keep messing up?  We have a show tomorrow!"

"I'm sorry, I just can't focus right now.  So much going on."

"Well, we're gonna run it again, and please, just play, okay?"


"Man, what's been going on with Kelly?  I've never heard her screw anything up, ever." I say to Tim as I put my trumpet in its case and into my locker.

"I don't know, but, get this, Mr. Jensen asked me to play the solo tomorrow!"

"Whoa, really?  What about Kelly?"

"She knows. Let's just hope she doesn't kill me and I don't mess up."

"Well, you have it memorized, don't you?"


"Then let's hear it." I say.  Everyone else has left the band room because after school rehearsal is over.

Tim presses down the valves and starts playing.

He finishes and looks at me.

"Well?  Was it 'Damn, Tim' or 'Daaaaammmnn Tim'?" He asks.

"Eh." I shrug, teasing him.

"What do you mean 'eh'?" He asks, stepping up to me after putting his trumpet in his case.

"Well, it wasn't your best ever, Weaver, but it was okay." I joke.

"You're lying.  It was really good and you liked it, admit it." 

"Like I damn worthy."

"Liar." He says, grabbing my arms.


"Yes.  Admit it, Ragan, say it was good and I'll let you go."

"Nope.  Sorry."

"Don't think I won't stand here and hold you all night and into Saturday, because I will."

"Whatever, Tim." I try to get out but he grabs me tighter.

"I told you, not until you say how awesome it was."

This goes on for about five minutes before I finally give in.....mostly because Director Jones would kill me if I was late.

"Fine.  Daaaammnn, Tim." I say, rolling my eyes.  He smiles.

"I knew it." He lets me go.  "Now, was that really that hard?"

"Honestly, yes." I joke.  He rolls his eyes at me.

"Damn it, Ragan." He says before grabbing his backpack and walking out with me.

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