The Vanisher

Back a few years ago, one of the world's most mysterious crimes ever committed left everyone stooped.
To this day, the goal and the criminal are still a mystery.
But, what people don't know what that the crime wasn't meant to be a crime in the first place.
The Vanisher, after many years, has returned with a mission, one that could change the world forever.


6. Agent Hart

So turns out being a secret agent isn't as fun as the movies make it seem.

I had to be tested physically and mentally, and, man, it SUCKED.

Running, lifting, transforming, it's hard stuff.

It's not exactly a walk in the park to turn into a wolf.

Luckily, the only ones who know are Director Jones, Dr. Ming, and Agent Smith.

Then they had to inject crap into me like a tracker, monitor, and, this ones interesting, a transporter.

For emergencies of course.

But still, I can TELEPORT!

I also have a badge, a real one and fake ones like FBI, Homeland Security.

It's like I'm on Supernatural.

I could be like Dean or Sam or Castiel.

It's pretty awesome.

They also assigned me a 'dad', Agent Smith.  He seems kinda strict.  But, oh well.  He's my dad, right?

Anyway, they've already briefed me on my assignment, it doesn't seem too difficult.

The school part, though, is what I'm worried about.

"So, we need you to lie low in school, not draw too much attention to yourself."

"So, basically act like a teenager, got it." I say.  Director Jones looks at me, for what feels like the hundredth time this meeting.  I swear, he just loves giving me the 'Stop being a smart-allack' look.

"We're serious.  We can't have you draw too much attention to yourself.  Campbell may become suspicious."

"I get it.  So, what can I can and cannot do?"

"Well, no office positions like SGA, or campaigns for Prom Queen, stuff like that."

"Like I'd do any of those things anyway."  I mean, Prom Queen?  Stupid.

"Do things no one really cares about, if you know what I mean."

"Like what?"

"I don't know.  What can you do?"

"Uh, I can, uh, played the trumpet when I was like 10, uh-"

"Perfect!  Band!  No one will suspect a band geek as a secret agent!"

"But I don't even remember how-"

"We'll teach you or something, we'll figure something out."

"It seems like everything you do here is 'figure or work something out.'"

"This isn't easy, especially with a new agent who feels the need to question everything we do around here."

"Alright, alright.  I get it."

"So, Agent Hart, are you ready for the first day of school?"

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