Tribulation |Harry Styles|

Vienna was an independent, fearless girl who lived in the heart of Manhattan, New York. She was used to being liked as boys had always been infatuated with her, but she never really cared for anything more than the attention. When she makes the biggest intoxicated mistake of her life, will her decision ultimately dodge a bullet, or will she miss out on the potential love of her life?


1. prologue

  The ground rumbles from the bass of the loud music. Lights of different colors flash around the room. The club is electric tonight, everyone feeding off the good vibes. Feet are moving to the crazy beat like they belong to the music. Hips sway and sequins catch the light of the disco ball hanging above making the whole room glitter. The crowd is massive, people flooded the room from one wall to the other.

        A girl shuffles through the crowd and stumbles over to the bar, the lights dancing off her rhinestoned top launching every shade of the rainbow into the darkness around her. She leaned with her elbows on the counter as she waited to be served. "Can I have another of uh, whatever you gave me last time?" 

"Sure thing, princess." The bartender replied as he started to mix her drink.

"Don't call me princess."

She took her drink from the man behind the counter. Her throat was so numb she couldn't feel it burn anymore. Her red lips stain the empty glass that she leaves on the counter and struts back to the dance floor without paying. 


Goosebumps form on her arms as she steps into the cool November air and pulls a cigarette out of her purse. She dug around for her lighter a bit more before realizing it seemed to be missing. 

"You need a light?" A voice asked from beside her. His face was familiar but it took her intoxicated brain a bit longer to identify him as the bartender from the club. 

"Please, thanks." He reached over and lit the cigarette between my fingers.

"Did you come alone tonight?" 

"Yes," she inhaled before continuing. "I usually do."

"Don't you have friends to go out with?"

Her head snapped in his direction as she flicked the ashes off her cigarette. "Don't you know it's rude to pry?" He took one last hit before dropping his cigarette to the ground and stomping on it. 

"I'd love to take you home tonight." He stepped towards her.

"I bet you would," she took another drag. "I'm not about one night stands."

"It doesn't have to be one night." He placed a hand on her waist, his eyes boring into hers. 

She placed a hand on his chest slightly pushing him off. "Not interested." She whispered, taking another drag.

"Oh, come on princess," He laughed. "I can give you a night you won't forget."

"I'm already going to forget tonight." 

And with that, she dropped her cigarette leaving it burn behind her before walking back inside the club.

The girl stumbled back towards the bar. She was wasted and she knew it, but she had had such an awful week that she really didn't care. 

"I mean, who knew that you could get fired just because you hooked up with your boss a few times?" She drunkenly slurred to the man sitting next to her. "A girl's gotta do what she's gotta do to get to the top."

Noticeably uncomfortable, he picked up his glass and walked away from the bar. She sighed placing her chin in her palm, resting her arm on the counter. 

Tired of sitting alone, she lifted herself up and made her way to the dance floor. She danced through the numerous sweaty bodies, hands of lustful males grabbing at her waist as she moved to the music. She didn't stay dancing with one body for too long, she liked to make her rounds around the dance floor. 

For some reason though, the boy who was currently holding her waist thought he was some kind of special as he whispered in her ear, "Let's get out of here." 

"I'd rather just stay and dance!" She exclaimed as she continued moving her hips against the nameless male's pelvis.

"Come on baby, I can tell you want me just as much as I want you."

"I think you're mistaking casual club dancing for something more than casual club dancing." She laughed, as she patted his chest before slipping off into the crowd of people. 

She never would have imagined that the next pair of arms she landed in would be the biggest drunken mistake of her life. 

Oh man, she thought, I'm gonna pay for this.

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