They thought of us as the weak ones. The sweet ones. The quiet ones. That was our class persona. We are streaked with color and tattoos by night. We sell what they see as illegal at our school. Against the rules. They still haven't caught us. The probably never will. We are your quiet Hufflepuffs. Your blended in smart Ravenclaws. Your background Gryffindors. Your stealthy Slytherins. We run an underground network. Our cause is as "pure as our blood", as they say. We are the Smuggle-Borns.

**Warning: Mature language**


9. Chapter 9

 Blasts of green light shot out from behind him. He sprinted forward, going through the forest. There were the rustles of people running behind him, and a few more green and red spells flew towards him. He jumped and catapulted off some of the trees that had less branches. The two people in front of him took a sharp turn, and he followed them. They stopped, as they breathing hard and were very winded.

 She looked back at him, out of breath, and said, "Don't give up, honey. Avenge us. Become the best wizard you can be. Find the safe house; it's less than a mile away. Don't look back at us. Go. We love you." She kissed his forehead, turned to the other man and kissed him on the lips, hard. They entwined their hands and ran, no, no, that's the wrong direction! 

 They ran in the direction of the danger, the spells, the death. He screamed, "MAMA, NO!" Two shots. Two spells. Two flashes of green. He was in shock. He ran in the direction of the safe house, getting into there and sitting against the door. No. No. Not his parents. No.


Blaze instantly sat up in his bed, drenched in sweat. He wiped his forehead. He needed to talk to someone to figure this out; he's been having the same nightmare for the past few weeks without cease. He didn't want to relive this part of his past. It just makes him more paranoid. This needs to stop.


 Meanwhile, on a lighter note, Liv and Nix were lying wide awake at 2:00 a.m., the same time as Blaze's awakening, at their girls' sleepover. Liv looked at Nix and said, "Nix, do you think that we're going to be ok? A lot of people are out for us, the Wizard's Gang, the Gryffindor and Slytherin gangs, Snape, my parents..."

 Nix put her hand on her shoulder and said, "Liv. Liv. We're going to be fine. The Wizard's Gang didn't attack you-"

 Liv cut her off, "Not me, but Tess-"

 Nix then cut her off in return, "At least it was only one of us. Tess is getting the help she needs now, and we won't mess up like that again. Some of the other gangs can't get to us unless we let them. Snape can't get any signatures anyways; no one will rally behind him. And your parents...that's why you live with me. If they won't accept you, we will. You are safe with us, and I hope you realize that."

 Liv had tears in her eyes. Nix pulled her into a hug and said, "As your best friend, I love you, so, so much. I love you, and your friends love you, and if your parents won't love you, they are so mistaken. It's really late, let's go to bed." 

 Liv fell asleep with her head on Nix's shoulder, with Nix's arms wrapped around her in a protective hug. Liv's breathing slowed into a calm rhythm, in the arms of one of only people in Hogwarts that accepted her for who she was.


 Bella walked barefoot through the pantry, shining her wand to find ingredients. She grabbed the cinnamon, sugar, flour, salt, and vegetable oil. She walked back out, going into the Hogwarts Kitchens, passing several house elves beginning the breakfast courses, this early at the crack of dawn.

 She grabbed a saucepan as she tapped an oven, which burst into life. She started to mix ingredients, the water, the butter, the salt, stirring it while pouring in flour, then stirring it into a ball. She took the pan off as the eggs were mixed in magically.

 She put another pan on the oven and poured the vegetable oil in, then mixed the sugar and cinnamon together in a bowl. She put the dough into a pastry bag and started to make shapes in the oil, flipping them over if necessary. She didn't notice him sitting down at a table behind her.

 She turned around and almost dropped her plate. Ajax was sitting at the table, watching her make her food. He stood up and said, "Bella, I think you're stress-baking again." She looked down and nodded. He took the plate out of her hands and put it on the table, then enveloped her in a hug. Without her normal heels she was just the size for hugging. 

 She whispered, "I miss my Abuela. Baking food she liked reminds me of her."

 Ajax murmured, "Shhhh, shhhhh. You're gonna be okay, love."

 A tear slipped down her cheek and she whispered, "I don't know what to do about it."

 He hugged her tighter and muttered, "You can be happy. She's not in pain anymore, and that's the reason for you being happy for her."

 Bella opened her eyes and said, "I can't be happy. All I can be is sad!"

 Ajax let go of her and put his arm around her shoulders. "And that makes sense, Bell. It's too early for you to be up, so let's get you to bed."

 Bella slumped and conceded. "Fine. I'm tired, anyways." She grabbed one of her churros and they walked out, Ajax's arm around her shoulder, holding her dozing form up to walk back to bed.


 Casey walked across the courtyard. It was in the early dawn when she got the saddest. He liked the sunrises. She sat on top of the hill and looked at the clouds. The clouds were darker towards the edges, but right where the clouds were about to break, the clouds were the lightest. Then the clouds broke, and the sun peaked out from over the horizon. Purples and blues and pinks and oranges popped out, flooding the sky with light.

 Casey pursed her lips and winced, forcing herself not to cry. She missed him, and of course the person that she loved the most and was closest to had to die. The Wizarding World was cruel, which makes it hard to trust it. Just because the magical universe had its perks, it was unforgivable. She still couldn't trust it. 

 They say Slytherins are cruel and bullies, but they weren't bullies in the first place. The world bullied them first, making them colder and harder, unwilling to crack under the pressure. 

 The world took him from Casey, and the world won't give him back. Now Casey is going to steal something from the world, and the world can try to get it back, or Casey will hurt the world as it tried.


 Bohemian Rhapsody blared throughout the art studio. Axel tossed the dart, hitting the green paint balloon, spattering the canvas with the green paint, which also hit his paint-splattered work boots. "Ten points!" he yelled, pumping his fist in the air. He tossed another, another, another, splattering the canvas with multicolored paint. He finished the paint darts and doodled on the canvas. 

 He got done with the piece of art and signed it, , and put it on the selling tables. He took a few darts and turned towards the dart boards on the other walls. Pictures of people were on the dart boards, which his friends didn't know of. He was a very angry person, and he took it out through his art. 

 He tossed the dart, hitting a picture of a Gryffindor gang member in the eye. "Ten points!" He tossed another, hitting a Slytherin gang member in the mouth. "Twenty points!" He chucked the last dart, hitting the prison photo of Bellatrix Lestrange in the neck. "Fifty points! Bulls eye!"

 Axel walked up to other dart board and ripped off the picture of Bellatrix Lestrange. He took it in his hands, and ripped off pieces one by one while talking. "This is for my sanity," rip, "and my family," rip, "and my friends," rip, "and my happiness," rip. Her head was off. He smiled and tossed the ripped up prison photo on a trash can that had multiple pictures of her in it. 

 He walked over to the selling table and looked at his new art. He deserved this.


 Tess's sleeping form was in her bed in the Hufflepuff Basement dorms. She had no bad dreams, no crazy people, no loud noises. She slept with a peace of mind, without knowing that some of her friends weren't doing the best, but it wasn't bothering her. She slept peacefully for once, and she deserved a nice sleep.

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