They thought of us as the weak ones. The sweet ones. The quiet ones. That was our class persona. We are streaked with color and tattoos by night. We sell what they see as illegal at our school. Against the rules. They still haven't caught us. The probably never will. We are your quiet Hufflepuffs. Your blended in smart Ravenclaws. Your background Gryffindors. Your stealthy Slytherins. We run an underground network. Our cause is as "pure as our blood", as they say. We are the Smuggle-Borns.

**Warning: Mature language**


8. Chapter 8

 The smuggle-borns exchanged terrified glances and their jaws were dropped. Shutting down their businesses, their amazing empires that they built through magical blood, sweat, and tears, would be torn down because of such a minuscule problem. Surprisingly, the first person to speak wasn't one of the smuggle-borns, but was McGonagall.

 "Albus, that is too far!" she squeaked.

 The students stopped exchanging terrified whispers and gaped at the fuming professor. Snape turned to them and said, "Minerva, it is for the best. These students have been running an underground black market for the past three years under our noses, and you think that closing it down is wrong?"

 McGonagall looked at him and said, "They've been running the market without any problems! Most of the teachers here have ordered something from the market before, yes?"

 Flitwick and Sprout nodded, but Dumbledore opening his first box of lemon drops said enough about whether he had or not. McGonagall looked at Snape and said, "The only reason you haven't ordered is because you are one of the teachers students avoid with this sort of thing! It's been happening under your nose, but we've just ignored it because it's helping the students! Since the testing year students have bought these products, they've been getting higher scores than before! Now, what's the problem, Albus?"

 Snape was fuming, but he didn't respond. Dumbledore looked up from his lemon drops and said, "Oh yeah!" The students were still very agape after McGonagall tore down Snape and defended their business at the same time. Dumbledore grabbed a piece of paper off his desk and said, "Professor Snape found this flier and reported it to me. Also, can I get another box of lemon drops by to-" he shook his head and went back to his thought, "No. There's a hex on this that causes to forget the thoughts of turning it in, and causes people to buy products. You aren't allowed to put this hex on fliers; it says so in the Ministry Business Advertisement Rules and Regulations Act of 1984. Either you take down all the fliers and either remove the hex and print new fliers, or the businesses are to be closed."

 Tess snapped her fingers, and her magical binder flew out of her backpack. She opened it and started writing as she talked [writing appears in italicized]. "Professor, I think that you are mistaken about the Act of 1984." As she said this, she wrote, Liv, ramble about the Act of 1984 as a distraction! 

 Liv saw her write this, and she started to ramble about the rules and regulations found in the Act, as she had read through the Act before, and she had an almost photographic memory. While Liv was talking, Tess started to type on her binder, searching the Wizarding Wide Web for a copy of the Ministry Business Advertisement Rules and Regulations Act of 1984, with highlighted bits that they needed, and a copy of the Hogwarts Student Binding Laws. Immediately the papers printed through her binder, and she found the article she needed. She nodded to Liv, who closed her rambling speech with, "Tess has a copy of the Act, and she will now read from it of how this Act does not apply to us, right Tess?" 

 Tess nodded and read from the paper saying, "I quote from the Ministry Buriness Advertisement Rules and Regulations Act of 1984: "The Forgetfulness Advertisement Hex and the Customers Advertisement Hex are forbidden for any causes that are not charitable, however, these hexes are forbidden under the circumstances that the business using these hexes are either, a), student binding codes, b), selling Muggle objects, or c), taking place under an establishment that is not open to any adults that are not working for the allotted facility.

 "And I continue with the Hogwarts Student Binding Codes, which I quote, "Any Hogwarts students that take part in the manufacturing of any business(es) must not be selling any alcohol, magical mushrooms, or illegal objects without the consent of at least half of the teaching body, and must be the required age to handle said substances."

 Tess smiled a fake, innocent smile and said, "Professor, our businesses apply to the student binding codes, we sell Muggle objects, and we take place under the establishment that is not open to any adults that aren't working for the facility, which is Hogwarts. Your argument is not valid, and I'm afraid that we can gather signatures for a binding petition if needed. Anything else?"

 Snape was stuttering, and Dumbledore broke into a smile. He said, "My idea of you going into Magical Law still stands, Miss Griffin." He turned to the other professors and said, "I have the same question. Anything else that we must address?"

 Snape turned purple and said, "Do they have a Magical Business License?"

 Tess opened up a folder and put their licenses on the desk. "Licenses for distribution of edible products, caffeinated drinks, and muggle objects."

 Snape glared and spat, "Are they verified?"

 Liv pointed at them and said, "Signed by the Head of Magical Business License Bureau."

 Snape seemed to be getting more mad. "Are they verified by the Headmaster?"

 Bella jumped in and said, "Signed by, right there, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore as of August 31, 2001."

 Dumbledore said, "Well, now that that is addressed, is there any further problems?"

 Snape turned a shade of puce and yelled, "All of you have tattoos-" 

 Axel raised his hand and said, "I don't!"

 Snape turned a darker shade and yelled, "Let. Me. Finish. All of you have tattoos-" Axel raised his hand again,       "-and different hair colours-", everybody but Nix, Tess, and Casey raised their hands, showing that they didn't have different hair colours, "-and visible piercings-", Tess raised her hand, "-and extreme makeup-", and Nix raised her hand, "-and you should all get detention!" Casey swore under her breath, seeing she had all the things 'forbidden'. 

 Tess pulled out part of the Hogwarts Dress Codes and read, "Students aren't encouraged to have tattoos, uncommon hair colours, visible piercings, or extreme makeup, but they are not strictly forbidden, as they are ways to express a student's own sense of individuality."

 Tess smiled at Snape, put the paper on the desk, put the licenses back in her binder, and finally said, "There it is! In full writing, signed by the Headmaster of Hogwarts as of September 1, 2001, which means that the codes are in full binding, and we are done here, yes? Now, headmaster, if you would give me the spell to undo the glamour remover?" 

 Dumbledore smiled and said, "Gladly. It is recuperarunt obstrepat. You all may go."

 Tess nodded to him and waved her wand around the eight of them, saying, "Recuperarunt obstrepat!" Their hair colors went back to natural, their piercings and tattoos seemingly disappeared, and their makeup turned to a more 'natural' look. Tess smiled and said, "We will be leaving," everybody but her and Liv walked down the staircase, "and I will not hesitate to use the law on my side in the future. Have a nice evening." And so they left.



//Author's Note//

 To my readers,

   I have envisioned what all of my characters in this series have looked like, and if you would like to know what they do look like and some of their quirks or something, please comment down below, and I might make that into a special chapter at some point if enough people would like to see my visions of them. 

  xoxo Katie


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