They thought of us as the weak ones. The sweet ones. The quiet ones. That was our class persona. We are streaked with color and tattoos by night. We sell what they see as illegal at our school. Against the rules. They still haven't caught us. The probably never will. We are your quiet Hufflepuffs. Your blended in smart Ravenclaws. Your background Gryffindors. Your stealthy Slytherins. We run an underground network. Our cause is as "pure as our blood", as they say. We are the Smuggle-Borns.

**Warning: Mature language**


5. Chapter 5

 Bella jogged through the west tower, going towards the owlery. She waved her wand, which held up the huge pile of boxes that was full of the products the Smuggle-Borns sell. Bella was the fastest, so the boss usually appointed her to send quick~fast orders.You know, the orders for the people that pay extra money for the Christmas/birthday/Hanukkah/just want fast gifts they forgot about.

  Bella entered the owlery, and the boxes floated through the doorway behind her. The name tags and greeting cards attached to the boxes fluttered through the air. She snapped her fingers and the plastic table Blaze had hidden behind one of the shelves flew out and opened. Bella flicked her wand again and the boxes jumped onto the table.

 She pulled her special whistle up from her neck chain and blew on it. A high trill emitted from the owl whistle. Thirty-five owls flew down, a few more than usual. She gave the owls owl treats and tied them to the fifteen boxes. Some were heavier than others, but the boxes would be delivered quickly, at least.

 She tied the thirteenth owl and swiped the sweat off her forehead. It was always so hot in the owlery, even though it was eight at night. The owlery door creaked from behind her, and she turned around.

  In front of Bella was Luca, one of the hottest guys in Hogwarts. She turned back around and kept tying the owls, sending the boxes off one by one. She didn't want to look at him, she didn't want to see him at all, even though he was the Hogwarts player. He asked her out on a dare last year, and she said no. She knew that it had pissed him off, especially because he was the 'best looking guy in Hogwarts history' (claimed by the entire girl population of 2000), even though everyone knew it was a joke.

 Bella finished tying the last owls to the box and flicked her wand again. The table folded itself neatly and flew back into its place behind the shelf. She turned around and ran straight into Luca. Without her normal five inch heels, she was up to most guys necks because she was short for her age. "Isabella! I've been looking for you for the past month. We should catch up."

   Bella grimaced at him calling her that. Nobody but teachers called her Isabella anymore. It was too fancy for her nerdy/punk rock lifestyle. Bella stepped back, then went around him, clutching her wand in her fist. "I don't have the time to talk right now. Not to put it bluntly," she continued, "but I don't think we should catch up. I'm still not over the prank from last year. Stop looking for me, and just go away. Bye Luca."

 Bella turned to leave and started to walk away. She felt a hand wrap around her wrist, and she was whipped back around. Luca stood there, his big hand wrapped around her tiny wrist. "Wait, Bella."

  Bella looked at him with a stony face. "Luca, let go of my hand, or I'll hex you."

 "Bella, you didn't let me explain last year. I want to talk to you."

   She held her wand up higher and said, "Luca, I'm not kidding. The prank you pulled on me last year wasn't funny. You damaged me mentally, emotionally, and the hexes your friends threw at me for 'fun' damaged me physically, even. Let go of me, or I will hex you."

 Luca put his other hand on Bella's waist and pulled her closer. Bella froze and looked at him with malice and fear. "Bella, the hexes they threw last year was a prank I didn't help with. The asking you out wasn't a prank. I wanted to ask you out."

   Bella couldn't take it anymore. She raised her wand and used wandless incantation. "Stupefy", she thought. Luca flew backward, and Bella ran away, towards the library, where she knew she'd find her friends to help her.

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