They thought of us as the weak ones. The sweet ones. The quiet ones. That was our class persona. We are streaked with color and tattoos by night. We sell what they see as illegal at our school. Against the rules. They still haven't caught us. The probably never will. We are your quiet Hufflepuffs. Your blended in smart Ravenclaws. Your background Gryffindors. Your stealthy Slytherins. We run an underground network. Our cause is as "pure as our blood", as they say. We are the Smuggle-Borns.

**Warning: Mature language**


4. Chapter 4

  Tess slung her bag over her shoulder, rolling her eyes at the little first years. They were so clueless. They thought that Hogwarts is such a perfect place. They haven't seen the realness yet. You have to finally learn after four years at this school that it's not the magical wonderland it claims to be.

   Tess walked into the Transfiguration room, wondering what they were doing today. She'd talked to her friends and they'd decided a few years ago that they would be average in classes but exceptional in exams. It lowers their expectations.

 Professor McGonagall took off her spectacles and sighed. "Miss Griffin, you are late. I expect better from you. Please see me after class." There were a few surprised looks, seeing that a Hufflepuff was going to get detention. "Class, please open up to the chapter about large animal Transfiguration. Alexa, please come help me with this box of blue jays." Alexa jumped up and grabbed the cage off McGonagall's desk. As she started to pass out the birds, Axel levitated his bird and it flew around the room in an unnatural way. McGonagall turned around again and said, "Sweet Merlin, two detentions in one sitting. Axel, I'll also see you after class. Chapter 13, now please!"


 Professor McGonagall sat down at her desk and sighed again. The rumble of students going to their short free period was slowly dying down. Professor McGonagall looked up at Axel and Tess and said, "Axel, you'll be serving a detention with me Saturday morning from six a.m. to seven thirty. You are dismissed, Mister McBride." Axel rolled his eyes and strutted out of the room.

   Professor McGonagall walked over to her podium and pulled out a piece of parchment. As she scribbled on it she said, "Miss Griffin, how have your sales been lately in you business?"

  Tess looked up in confusion, wondering why she wasn't getting a detention yet. "Um, they've been good so far this year, Professor. Our coffee and food sales are going better than last year."

   McGonagall nodded and stopped writing. "That's good, Tess. Here's my reference. Please visit Professor Dumbledore's office tonight with the following items. Here's the payment." She passed her a small money bag, and it was filled with gold and silver. Tess looked at the professor in disbelief. McGonagall waved her hand at Tess and said, "You are dismissed, Tess. Please get that to him by nine o'clock tonight."

 Tess walked out with the list. The hall was empty now, all the students probably in their common rooms. She went towards her common room, ready to fulfill an order, even if it was for a teacher.

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