They thought of us as the weak ones. The sweet ones. The quiet ones. That was our class persona. We are streaked with color and tattoos by night. We sell what they see as illegal at our school. Against the rules. They still haven't caught us. The probably never will. We are your quiet Hufflepuffs. Your blended in smart Ravenclaws. Your background Gryffindors. Your stealthy Slytherins. We run an underground network. Our cause is as "pure as our blood", as they say. We are the Smuggle-Borns.

**Warning: Mature language**


3. Chapter 3

  Tess pulled her trunk and luggage behind her. She had said good-bye to her parents a few minutes ago, but now she's rolling her stuff through the halls, going towards her group's compartment. Her purple streaks and tattoos were hidden with magical innocence glamour, and she wasn't wearing her regular punk clothes, just jeans, a brown turtleneck, her brown hair fell down her back, flattened instead of in normal bouncy curls, and her "geek chic" black rimmed glasses. Tess's friends always laughed when she ran out of contacts, but she learned to use her glasses now to look more 'innocent'. They wouldn't think that an innocent little Hufflepuff would be the organizer and ambassador of a black market.

  Tess finally reached the compartment, and she opened the door to a chorus of "Hey!"s. Some of her friends waved, some gave a little head flick, and some of her girl friends (just friends that are female) stood up to hug her. Nix and Bella came over and squeezed Tess so tight she couldn't breathe. Ajax and Blaze grabbed her stuff and lugged it onto the luggage rack. 

  Tess sat down and pulled out her binder and a pen. The binder had a cloaking spell on it, so if you see it normally, it has a notebook for class notes in it, but if Tess write the password (it recognizes her fingerprint) it shows her check lists, stats, and market prices.

  After she opened the secret part of her binder, the part with the notebook, Tess clapped her hands and said, "Meeting has come to order. Bella, shades? Door?" Bella pulled the shades shut and locked the door, then put a new spell on the door to make sure Alohamora wouldn't work (she's a Ravenclaw). 

   Tess said, "Okay. Let's start with the Claws. What do we have for stats?"

 Liz set a small stack of papers on the table and said, "Tess, the stats are showing that there's an influx of requirement in things for fifth and seventh years, seeing that it's test years. All the years have a paper with a bar graph and the products we sell."

   Tess nodded and put the stack of paper in her binder. "Good work Claws. Bella, did you bring your coffee machine and the ingredients?" Bella nodded. "I'll get stock for the coffee from the kitchens when we start getting low. Good, guys. Professor McGonagall has already sent an owl to me requesting a gingerbread latte at eight a.m. sharp every day. She's agreed to keep our efforts underground as long as we comply." They nodded to Tess, and she flipped a notebook page. 

  "Blaze and Casey, did you start on fliers?" 

 Casey put another bigger stack of papers on the table. They read:

  Do your school supplies fit your school needs? Are your magical products too magical?

   Contact Tess Griffin, Nix Mallory, Casey Reese, Blaze Easton, Ajax Rangler, Axel McBride, Liv Foxhoven, or Bella Shapiro. 

  We sell Muggle pens, pencils, graph paper, lined paper, notebooks, erasers, white out, index cards, post-it notes, duct tape, scotch tape, book lights (limited time), batteries, and most other Muggle school products. Request an order form, and we'll get it to you within a week. If you pay extra you'll get it earlier. 

  Have a Magical Day ~ The Smuggle-Borns

Tess nodded to them and separated the fliers into eight equal piles, each having 12 papers in each. She passed them out as she said, "That's good, Casey, Blaze. That'll be enough."

  Casey looked excited. "If I might add," Casey said, "Blaze and Liz worked to put a new hex on the fliers. If someone that won't buy our products or will snitch us out looks at it, they'll immediately forget about any bad feelings they had about it, and they'll have the sudden urge to buy something!"

 Tess's eyes widened. That was a really daring move, and a complicated hex. It would probably boost the sales for certain products, especially from rule following prefects. Tess smiled one of her rare not-fake smiles and said, "That's above and beyond, guys. That'll be great. Let's move on. Did you make any other fliers?"

  Ajax put a small stack down on the table, and Tess grabbed one. :

 Miss Muggle Starbucks, or want to get hooked on a delicious drink? Contact Bella Shapiro (5th yr. Ravenclaw), Liv Foxhoven (5th yr Ravenclaw), or Nix Mallory (5th yr Hufflepuff) at Hogwarts's 7th floor from 6 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. to get a piping hot coffee/hot chocolate beverage of your choice for a simple price. Location: Hogwarts's 7th Floor, door across from tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy, The Hogwarts Expresso.

  Have a Magical Day ~ The Smuggle-Borns

 Casey smiled her mischievous smile and said, "All the fliers have the hex, just FYI." Tess smiled, glad that they remembered that. 

  Tess set the second flier down and sorted through the stack, handing out five to everyone. When she got done, she said, "Was that the last one, or any more?"

 Blaze rolled his eyes at Tess, and put the last stack of papers on the table. :

 Is dinner not filling enough? Do you want to order food for a special day? For someone? For yourself? Contact Ajax Rangler, Axel McBride, Blaze Easton, or Tess Griffin to get an order form for Specialty Ordered Magical Eats. We can supply any food within a matter of days if you order early. Request an order form, and we'll deliver the food or basket or gift to the person, specifically from you, or anonymously with a specially written note. 

 Have a Magical Day ~ The Smuggle-Borns

 She nodded again, knowing that she should stop nodding at some point. "So if that's the filling of all the fliers," Tess continued, as she passed out the papers equally, "we can do stock count. Let's get ready for the year, guys. We'll be ready. Hang them up tonight. Let's rule the school."

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