My kitty//A Chat noir fanfiction

A girl named Madison recently moved from America, all the way to Paris. Why you ask? Her mom had gotten a divorce and remarried, and her new dad happen to live in Paris. Luckily she now has a step-sister, Alya. As she starts her first day, she meets new people, and runs into some trouble.


2. Trouble and awkwardness.

 K guys enjoy!



~Madison POV~

It was after school. I told Alya and Mari to go on without me, since my phone disappeared. I was looking down in the hallway when someone bumped into me.

"Hey watch where you're-" I started, but I cut myself off when I realized it was Adrien.

"Oh sorry, I should have watched where I was going.." he said, scratching the back of his neck.

"Wait what are you doing here?" He questioned me,


" Oh I forgot my phone so I came to come and get it." I shrugged.


" Oh okay. Well see you around!" he said, as he flashed a smile at me, then walked away.


Gosh he looks so cute when he does that.


WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING?! That's the boy Mari likes! I can't fall in love with him! 


I sighed. 


Whatever. I need to find my phone.


~Adrien POV (bet u didn't see that coming!)~

I just came back from saving an akumatized victim, but then remembered that my stuff was at school.

"Ughhh hurry up Adrien! I'm hungry and you need to pick up some camenbert." Plagg complained, as I walked inside. 

All of a sudden I bumped into someone,

"Hey watch where you're-" They started, then I realized that it was Madison! 

"Oh sorry, I should have watched where I was going.." I said awkwardly, scratching the back of my neck.


God Adrien! Why are you being so awkward? You like ladybug.  STOP WITH THE AWKWARDNESS.


Wait why was she even here?


"Wait, what are you doing here?" I questioned,


"Oh I forgot my phone, so I came to get it." She shrugged.


"Oh..okay. Well see you around..!" I then walked away to get my stuff.


~Chloe POV (WOW! I'M ON A ROLL!)~

I was planning something against Madison, as I was getting my stuff. Then I heard some talking.


Time to eavesdrop!


I poked my head behind the corner and heard the whole thing.


Grrr! That Madison girl is stealing my Adrikins! I saw the way he was acting! I'm gonna soooo get her! Just she waits! 


I stomped away, thinking about my plan.




Okay I hope you liked it! Make sure to leave your responses down below!


Have a great weekend my donuts :3


Ok I should stop before I get hungry.






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