My kitty//A Chat noir fanfiction

A girl named Madison recently moved from America, all the way to Paris. Why you ask? Her mom had gotten a divorce and remarried, and her new dad happen to live in Paris. Luckily she now has a step-sister, Alya. As she starts her first day, she meets new people, and runs into some trouble.


4. Studying and the new miraculous.





Earlier today i heard Chloe and Sabrina talking, and I saw Marianette interfere with them. It was all kinds of drama so I just had walked away.


Now we're at the library, and i'm sitting between them.


With them arguing..


in my face..




All of a sudden, I see a bunch of hats fall on top of chloe,


"Agh!" she yelled, as the hats fell on her.


Then a giant blow dryer appeared and chased her throughout the library.


It was pretty funny actually, but I did feel kind of bad.


I ran behind a bookshelf to hide, but as I ran i tripped and a box fell out of my backpack.


I picked it up and ran to the bathroom. Ladybug and chat noir showed up, so I didn't wanna interfere.


I opened the box, which just had some kind of braclet.


Huh, pretty...then all of a sudden some mutant butterfly came out and stretched.


It yawned, and opened it eyes.


I yelped and fell on my butt, then crawled backwards.


"Shhh its okay! My name is Jackie! Don't be scared" she put her hands up and signaled me to stop,




"I am a Kawami! I will grant you special powers to be a superhero!"


I then got silent.


"Your kidding.."




"Well..then explain please.."


"Once you transform, you will able to run faster, and jump higher. And your power.. you say butterfly fantasy to access it. When you access it, your wings will come out, letting you fly, and giving you super strength. But after that, you will have five minutes until you will de-transform. Oh! Also you also have a whip for a weapon." she explained.


That's a lot to take in..


"Well how do I transform?" I questioned her, 


"Just say, Jackie, lets fly! then I will no longer be here, and you will transform."




"What are you waiting for? People are in trouble! Transform!"


"Alright...Jackie, lets fly!"




Okay I had extra time so I wrote this. I won't be able to update again this week since i have soooo much homework and tests coming up. Hope you liked! Make sure to comment some things you want to happen!


Also this is how Madison looks like:


Except she has a bracelet on.









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