My kitty//A Chat noir fanfiction

A girl named Madison recently moved from America, all the way to Paris. Why you ask? Her mom had gotten a divorce and remarried, and her new dad happen to live in Paris. Luckily she now has a step-sister, Alya. As she starts her first day, she meets new people, and runs into some trouble.


1. My first day!

Hey guys! this is my very first story :3 hope u enjoy!


Also ignore my spelling. I'm writing this at night and I have a cold sooooo yeah XD enjoy.



    Dear diary.. 

   Hi! My names Madison. I recently moved from America all the way to Paris. Why you ask? Because my SWEET mother of mine decided to get remarried and my new dad HAD to live on the other FRICKIN side of the world. Luckily I have a new step-sister named Alya. We met a few times and i'm soo happy I took French for a few years- 


"Hello? Madison?" Alya said as she waved her hand in front of my face.

"Whaaaat? I'M BUSY." i replied, closing my diary and throwing my pen at her.


"OW! Maddy! Just start getting ready for school." Alya then walked out of the room,


"God that girl is crazy" Alya chuckled to herself has she walked to her own room. "I HEARD THAT!" I yelled back at her.

I pushed myself off my bed and got my clothes I had set up the night before. Hah, take that mom, She said I wasn't productive enough. I changed into my day clothes and walked to the bathroom. Then I sprayed some perfume and some deodorent.

What? i don't wanna smell.

I put in my contacts and then went back to my room to grab my backpack.


"MADDY U READY?" Alya yelled, downstairs, waiting impatiently. 


"YEAH. IM COMING DOWN NOW!" i yelled back, running downstairs.

Me and Alya ate some breakfast then said goodbye to our parents and left for Marianette's, i think that's her name. We arived at some kind of bakery, and as soon as we got there, Marianette came outside.


(Yes in this chappie shes not late as usual XD)


"Okay lets go!" she said, trying to catch her breath. Huh, i guess she was in a rush. We all walked to school. Alya and Marianette mostly talked about some guy named 'Adrien'.

"Whos Adrien?" i said, interupting their conversation, "WHAT?! YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THE ADRIEN AGRESTE (Sorry if i spelled his last name wrong :p)IS?!" Mari exclaimed, stopping in her tracks. 

" that a bad thing?" 

"YES! Adrien is the most kindest, hottest, dreamiest.." Marianette went on with words to describe this 'Adrien' boy.

Alya snapped her fingers in front her face, snapping Marianette out of her trance.

"Huh? oh..hehe....whoops..!" Mari said, as she blushed and scratched the back of her neck.

Then as we got to school we hung out at the stairs for a bit, "His limo usually stops there..!" Mari said, as she pointed to the road in front of the school. 

I nodded. 

Then all of a sudden a black limo apears. "Here we go with the fangirling.." Alya said, as a Boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, came out of the limo, closing the door behind him.

Mari began squealing, as he walked up to a boy with brown hair, and a cap with headphones going around his neck. The bell rang and we all walked inside. As we walked in the classroom, the teacher asked me to stay beside her while everyone else took a seat.

"Alright class settle in." She said, as everyone sat down. "This is Madison Cesaire (TOTALLY did not look up Alya's last name XD) and she will be joining our class. Madison please introduce yourself." she said, as I stepped forward a bit.

" Madison Cesaire and i moved from America. I enjoy reading writing, music, and drawing." 

Everyone just stared at me and started whispering. I kept hearing things like:

"Shes from America?"

"Oh my gosh shes from America! cool!"

(Guys i doubt they would react like this but IM THE AUTHOR AND UR THE READER SO I DEMAND U GO WITH IT XD)

"Alright class settle down!" the teacher said, as everyone stopped talking. "Madison you may sit next to Nathanial. Nathanial please raise your hand." 


A boy with long red hair raised his hand, then I trotted down the classroom and sat with him. "Hi i'm Nathanial!" the young boy said, putting out his hand, signaling me to shake it.

I got the signal and shook his hand. "I'm Madison!" I replied smiling.


The teacher kind of got boring so I zoned out and started looking around the classroom; then noticed a blonde haired girl, with sunglasses on her head and some..well..actually A LOT of lip gloss on her lips, staring at 'Adrien' the boy that Mari likes. By the looks of it i can tell she is one of those anoying white chicks. 


Except shes not as pretty.

JUST KIDDING! i'm not that mean ya weirdo.

Or am i?

After class we all went to gym. 


I was the only one left there after everyone changed. I couldn't open my locker. But then i FINALLY opened it.


"Yes!" I silently cheered to myself.


Then someone closed it. "Hey!" I yelled, then I saw who closed it.


That blonde girl.

"Hm..look what we have here..a new girl..!" She said, crossing her arms.


"Uh..yeah.." I replied, stating the obvious.


"Well since your from America and everyone's talking about you, why don't you start hanging out with me! Just forget about those losers you call friends and come hang out with me. Oh, i'm Chloe by the way."


"First, why would I hang out with you? You seem to be rude."


Chloe rolled her eyes.


"Second, those losers are my friends. Get it through your thick blonde head. Why would i be friends with someone like you?"


"Because! Everyone wants to be friends with me! I'm beautiful, stylish-"


Before she could go on i interupted her,


"Look just leave me alone." i said, opening my locker then grabbing my clothes and walked to the girls bathroom.


~Chloe POV~

Ugh! I can't believe that girl just said that! I just gave her the offer of her lifetime and she just happen to throw it away! Plus she was the rude one! 

"Come on Sabrina. I think we should show her what happens when you mess with Chloe..." I said, smirking and walked to my locker.






OKAY THAT WAS THE FIRST CHAPTER! I worked on it for two hours. Please show me some feedback! I will make new chapters whenever I can. Sometimes school will bother me so if i don't upload for a while sorreh!






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