My kitty//A Chat noir fanfiction

A girl named Madison recently moved from America, all the way to Paris. Why you ask? Her mom had gotten a divorce and remarried, and her new dad happen to live in Paris. Luckily she now has a step-sister, Alya. As she starts her first day, she meets new people, and runs into some trouble.


3. Im out of tittles. XD





~Madison POV~

The BEAUTIFUL sound of my alarm clock was blasting in my ears. 


Ugh. I feel like i was just there..




I got up from my bed and played Marry you , By Bruno Mars. I sang along to it as I did my morning routine. I then grabbed my backpack and walked downstairs, meeting Alya. 


"Morning gurl." She said, putting a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast in front of me.


"Hey." I replied, immediately digging in,


"Wow. I never knew my cooking could turn someone as crazy as that.." Alya chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and continued to eat. 

After a while, we went to school to meet Marianette on the stairs.  As we were walking i wanted to talk to Alya about last night,

"Hey uhm Alya..?" I asked her.


"Yeah?" she said, looking up from her phone,



"Uhm..remember yesterday when I stayed after school, to look for my phone?"


"Yep. Why?"


"Well-" before I could even finish, Mari showed up.


Danget! She always has to come at bad times. Its like she always miraculously shows up.


(HAH! See what I did there? No? ok...)


"Hey Mari!" Alya smiled,


"Hey mari.."

Marianette looked at me oddly, then just brushed it off. After a while of talking, we went inside and walked to science class. Ugh I hate Mrs. Locker(random name). Shes so rude!

I looked to the side and saw Nathanial drawing, what looked like him and I...kissing. 




Then all of a sudden Mrs. Locker came and slammed her hand on the desk, 

"Nathanial what are you doing??" she yelled, taking the sketchbook from his hands.


"These drawings are why you have been failing my class!" she then just dropped it back onto the desk, making the book fly back down.


"I-im sorry..." he stuttered,


"You go march youself down to the principles office this instant, and show him this ridiculous drawing of yours!"


Nathanial got up and slowly walked down the aisle.


All of a sudden, he tripped over someones backpack and faceplanted on the ground, making the book slide near Chloes feet.


She picked it up.


"Oooo look sabrina! Its him as a superhero! And look who he's saving, Madison! Look Madison he is sooo crushing on you!" she laughed, and showed everyone.


"Hey give that back!" he yelled in embarrassment and grabbed the sketchbook.


"Enough!" Mrs. Locker yelled, "Nathanial go already! Stop making a fool of yourself!" then pointed to the door.


How rude! Chloe that little diva.


Nathanial ran out of the room. 


"Alright I will be grouping everyone for the project." Mrs. Locker announced.


I sighed. 


Man i would be so unlucky if I got paired with chloe....


"Alright the first group will be Chloe, Sabrina, Madison."


UGHHH why am i so unlucky...!


"Uhhhhmmm excuse me? Miss? Me and Sabrina work better alone." Chloe said, crossing her arms. Sabrina nodded.


"Well too bad. This isn't a partner work project. Get over it." Mrs. Locker rudely said back.


HAH! Take that Chloe.

Wait..but I still have to be in a group with her and Sabrina...







Alright I hope you liked! Sorry if its short..I wanted to get out a chapter as soon as I could! 


Expect a chapter to be published every weekend.


If I forget, im sorry! 


I might not this weekend since i have soooo much homework to do, but ill try.


Anyways, I love you guys! Thank you guys so much for like 150 views!!







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