My kitty//A Chat noir fanfiction

A girl named Madison recently moved from America, all the way to Paris. Why you ask? Her mom had gotten a divorce and remarried, and her new dad happen to live in Paris. Luckily she now has a step-sister, Alya. As she starts her first day, she meets new people, and runs into some trouble.


5. Accused.



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I saw before my eyes, my clothes just disapear and a costume just appear on my skin. 


Huh. I wonder where my clothes went...



I looked around and started running, when I saw Chat noir and Ladybug in the distance. I saw him drawing things on a sketch type of thing and everything that he drew appeared in front of him. 


Hm..maybe the akuma is in that pen!


I ran up to him and kicked his back, then took my whip from my side and took the pen in my hand.

Chat noir and Ladybug looked at me curiously.


"HEY! THATS MINE!" He yelled, trying to grab the pen from me.


"Not anymore!" I replied, while dodging his punches. He tried to kick my legs down but i flipped on one hand and threw the pen to Ladybug. 


"Quick! Break it and get the akuma!" I yelled, getting Ladybugs attention. 


"Right!" she replied, as she caught it. She then broke it and as the akuma flew out she toom out her yo yo and yelled, "Time to de evilize!" then caught the akuma.


Ladybug swiped her yo yo and a white butterfly flew out. I then smiled.


The akumatized victim revealed to be..Nathanial?!


Ladybug threw something in the air and yelled, "Miraculous ladybug!" then a pretty pattern of polka dots flew around the city, making everything looking untouched. 


Okay thats awesome in person.

As we finished, chat came up to me.


"Hello Madam moisel (Idk how to like spell it or if thats even right... Just go with it), Im chat noir. You are?" he said, taking my hand then kneeing and kissed it. I blushed lightly.


"Uh..hi? Im madi- I mean.." 


CRAP! I need a name! 


"Uh my name is..Viper!"


"Hm..catchy...Also nice job out there! You were amazing.." chat blushed.




"Heh..thanks!" I blushed lightly. 


~Marianettes POV~


"Chat!" I whispered, grabbing his ear then dragging him away.


"Uh...." Viper just stood there, "Sorry we need to talk." I then walked with chat noir away so she couldn't hear us.


"Dont flirt with that girl!" I hissed,


"Why not m'lady?" Chat replied, raising an eyebrow.


"Because what if shes an akumatized victim, or she is evil! She may just be like Volpina! Superheros don't just appear out of nowhere!"


"I..I.." I heard her say.


I whipped my head around to see viper on the edge of crying, "W-well im sorry for trying to help!" then she grabbed her whip and swung away from roof to roof like I usually do. Wait..thats my thing!


"Ladybug! What the heck?!" Chat yelled, "Viper wait!" he yelled, then used his stick to follow her before she disapeared.


I just sighed angerly and used my yo yo to swing to my room and just layed on my bed as I detransformed.


God I messed up..




Sorry for not uploading sooner. I wrote this earlier today and was gonna publish it, but my computer died and nothing saved. So I had to write it ALL over again. Im sorry but I tried my best. 


Comment what you want to happen with chat noir and viper!


Or with Adrien and Madison :3





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