The Scarecrow A novel

Lisa Greene and her brother Cody are visiting their Grandfather's farm in Lawrence, Kansas. When they investigate their surroundings, they're scared of The Scarecrow in the middle of the fields. When several teenagers vanish under mysterious circumstances, they blame the Scarecrow. But does anyone believe them?.


7. Nine o'clock PM-August 4, 1973


​Brad ​was watching television when the sound of the southerly wind blew outside. "It's horrible!​", he told his father. Dennis, his father, was watching '​Kochak​'. He headed to the bathroom. As the lights dimmed in the small hallway, there was a tapping on the glass doors. "I'll get that", Dennis said during an ad break. "​Don't, Dad!​", Brad said. But it was too late. Dennis opened the front door. As he saw only darkness, he made sure the lights were still on. It was an hour or so since the lights came back on in Kansas. He saw nothing. Seconds later he saw the scarecrow. Dennis, who was wearing a red dressing gown, screamed. Brad saw the scarecrow moving towards his father. It was too late. The scarecrow's rotting right hand sliced in the cold, freezing, air. And, seconds later, the blade came downward...and another one of Kansas's citizens was dead. 


Brad called 9-1-1.

"Police please". 

"What's the matter?", the female operator asked.

"My dad's dead. It was the scarecrow. I need you to tell the Sheriff. The address is: 2356 State Road, Kansas". And, seconds later, he waited for the police to arrive.


It was nine-ten PM.


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