The Scarecrow A novel

Lisa Greene and her brother Cody are visiting their Grandfather's farm in Lawrence, Kansas. When they investigate their surroundings, they're scared of The Scarecrow in the middle of the fields. When several teenagers vanish under mysterious circumstances, they blame the Scarecrow. But does anyone believe them?.


10. Lynda Davies-August 4, 1973


​Lynda Davies ​was scared. Earlier on she had cried when she was on her date with Ken. She loved him. And he loved her. They were going steady.  She hadn't imagined Ken was dead at the hands of the scarecrow. ​It moved; it moved; it moved; it...​, she thought to herself. Then, as she met her parents, two hours' earlier at eight o'clock PM, she told them what happened.

"Scarecrows don't move, Lynda", Bob Davies said. He was smoking a cigarette. Jenny Davies, his wife, nodded. "Ken's dead, Mom. He's...dead​". And she walked to her bedroom, and read a book before she fell asleep in bed.

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