The Scarecrow A novel

Lisa Greene and her brother Cody are visiting their Grandfather's farm in Lawrence, Kansas. When they investigate their surroundings, they're scared of The Scarecrow in the middle of the fields. When several teenagers vanish under mysterious circumstances, they blame the Scarecrow. But does anyone believe them?.


6. Dinner-August 4, 1973


Cody ​was glad that the power was on. By eight o'clock PM, he, Lisa, and their Grandfather had a late dinner. "Blackouts are really bad", he said. Lisa smiled at Cody. "Anne likes you", she said. Cody blushed. "She's nice". He stared at roast chicken, peas, and gravy on his plate. "Tomorrow won't be as bad as before", Cody's Grandfather said. "I don't believe that a scarecrow is evil". He poured iced tea into three glasses. As they drank and ate, the wailing of police sirens disturbed the eerie silence in Kansas.


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