The Scarecrow A novel

Lisa Greene and her brother Cody are visiting their Grandfather's farm in Lawrence, Kansas. When they investigate their surroundings, they're scared of The Scarecrow in the middle of the fields. When several teenagers vanish under mysterious circumstances, they blame the Scarecrow. But does anyone believe them?.


4. Danger-August 4, 1973


Lisa​ shook her head. "It's bad​", she said. Cody hugged Anne. She smiled at him. Thad and Brad heard the sound of thunder booming. "It's late. I want all of you home", she said. Anne kissed Cody. "We'd had better go before our parents call the Sheriff. Good bye, Cody". He blushed. "Good bye, Anne". And, as they headed away from the farmhouse, and headed back to their homes, their Grandfather smiled at them. And, by five o'clock PM, the lights went out in Lawrence, Kansas.


Hal Thompson was drinking beer when the blackout happened. "Hot damn!", he yelled. He spilled his drink on the purple carpet. "Christine! It's black! Christine!​". She was gone. She was working at ​the Sheriff's Office as his secretary. She wouldn't be home until late. Hal, who was thirty, looked at the dark shadows of the glass windows; the windows were full of water falling down the pipes. He gripped blindly for the beer can. He got it. Then he placed it in the kitchen sink. By seven-fifteen PM, he prayed to God that the lights were going to be on. And, seconds later, he screamed as the scarecrow's rotting hands smashed through the glass window. And Hal screamed before the scarecrow took out the scythe...and brought it downward.

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