The Scarecrow A novel

Lisa Greene and her brother Cody are visiting their Grandfather's farm in Lawrence, Kansas. When they investigate their surroundings, they're scared of The Scarecrow in the middle of the fields. When several teenagers vanish under mysterious circumstances, they blame the Scarecrow. But does anyone believe them?.


9. Bed time-August 4, 1973


​Lisa and Cody yawned.

They went to the bathroom. And brushed their teeth. Once they finished, they turned the faucets off. Then they opened the door, and walked down the hallway towards their room. Then both of them went to sleep. Their Grandfather checked up on them. By eleven o'clock PM, he was ready for bed. He brushed his teeth, then went to the toilet. Once he flushed, he washed his hands on a red towel that was on a grey rack on the left, creamy, wall; he opened the door, and walked to the right of the bedroom. He then opened the door, and flicked on the light. As he yawned, he got into his bed. And fell asleep immediately.

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