The Jolly Boys

Shirley Stephenson is a bored housewife who never stops day in day out, its the same humdrum existence. Bob her husband is a lazy good for nothing. who lost his leg in an industrial accident and is claiming benefit fraudulently. he keeps her short and moans because she goes to the bingo. Shirley finds the courage to file for a divorce and free herself. her life is suddenly transformed after she finds all of the compensation that Bob has been hiding from her. she orders a taxi she takes £30.000 and takes a box with some things that her gran had left her.


33. 33

Margaret set off for her mother’s house as Keith held onto a small carrier bag with some very small screwdrivers. In the bag, he had some hardware to add to the new computer that would help to speed up the computer.

Gary is erecting the Desk now so it should be done by the time we get there.

 “It’s pretty straight forward if you follow the instructions.

I thought you could come to my house for dinner later I’ve made a lasagne and feta cheese salad.

“Do we have ice cream for after’s said Keith with a wry smile?’

“Yes, if you want some.’

“When they arrived at her mother’s Gary was pushing the computer table into place where he could look out onto the garden whilst he worked.

Margaret rang the doorbell and Gary answered. “Come in, come in I have everything ready for you Keith.’

Keith removed his shoes and put on the slippers then went through into the conservatory.

I’ll make us a cuppa Gary said Margaret.’” where’s Mam?’

“She’s gone down to the bakery to get us a freshly made baguette and a fresh cream cakes.’

“Lovely.’ Has she been away long?’

“Ten minutes I think.’

Keith began to open the boxes and placed the monitor onto the desk then placed the wires into the key board there was a multi socket in his carrier bag and he plugged all the plugs into it. Then he took out the tower made by his father’s company he unscrewed the back and then took out the hardware that he’d brought.

This device that I’m installing Gary will make your computer super- fast, instead of waiting forever for it to boot up. There is also an extra 30 gig of memory space that I’m installing too so you won’t need to buy another for quite some time. I will show you how to back up all of your files onto floppy discs and then to file them so you don’t have to go hunting around for them.

 Keith took out the small case with his screw drivers specially for computers. He removed the packaging from the hardware and told Gary never to touch any of the parts because it would render them useless. Keith was like a surgeon as he carefully inserted the new hardware into the tower then carefully screwed it back up. He located the wires then plugged them into the back of the monitor then the other wires into the tower and then the plug into the socket. He turned on the tower and switched on the monitor then followed the on-screen instructions in code that he only knew then he put on a nice picture of a blue lagoon from the Maldives as Gary’s screen saver.

“Hey there’s our lagoon said Gary,’

Then Keith tapped away and set up several programmes that Gary could use in the planning of a building.

“Look I will show you a three D image of a building, we can either add or take away walls to make archways or open plan spaces like this see.’ With the use of the mouse and a few clicks, Keith had changed the look of the room on the computer screen

That’s bloody marvellous, it saves all the technical drawing and blue prints.

“Yes, you can also file the designs or print off the designs too. Just like a blue print. It is so much easier.

Shirley returned from the shops with some freshly baked steak and kidney pies from the Belvedere bakery. She had some baguettes with prawn and mayo inside and some profiteroles with chocolate and fresh cream.

 “Keith, I hardly recognised you said Shirley as she ran her fingers over his hair.’

“Doesn’t he look better mam?’

“Oh yes by far, and now you’ve got rid of your spectacles it makes you look more handsome.’

“You will have to watch him at university now Margaret, the girls are going to be all over Keith like a rash.’

“There’s only one girl for me said Keith to Shirley.’

“Have you seen this Shirley, in just a few clicks Gary showed Shirley the lagoon and the hotel where they stayed at in the Maldives.

“Yes, that’s it.’

You can change the screen changer anytime you wish there are other pictures of The Maldives on there that I’ve installed for you. Here is a box for you to store your floppy disks into now just get a sticky label and write whatever they are on them then you can number and file them. If you get stuck just give me a call.’

“Thank you, Keith, I’m going to have hours of fun once I’ve learned how to use it.’ How much do I owe you?’

“Nothing, they were just a few spare bits and bobs I had from my father’s factory.’

“Well thank you Keith, I appreciate you showing me how to go on with it as I didn’t have a clue.’

You will soon pick it up.’ There are a couple of books that I’ve brought that will help both you and Shirley to familiarise yourselves with. The books contain exercises to help you improve your computer skills. They helped me tremendously when I was just starting out.

“That’s great, now come on come through and have some lunch Keith. I bet you are hungry.’

“I’ve reheated the pies in the microwave oven and there’s some freshly made tea or coffee in the pots, so just help yourselves.’

Margaret handed Keith a plate and a serviette. He cut a baguette in half and placed a piece of pie onto it then sat down as Margaret poured him a cup of tea and added milk the way he liked it.

“So, what are your plans for this afternoon Keith?’

“I don’t know really, Shirley it depends on Margaret she has the car you see.’

Don’t you have a car?’

“No, my father even though he owns the factory won’t buy me a car. He said I should work and earn my own money to buy one.’ I have passed my test but do not own my own car yet.’

“But your father could off -set that against his business.’ And put it down as a tax loss.’

“I know that; I even told him but my father is very old fashioned and set in his ways I’m afraid. Once I get my degree and start working for my father I will buy one I’m sure.’

“Well I have a few friends in the car sales business; leave it with me and I’ll get you a car sorted out.’

“Thank you said Keith.’

“Mam what about Jimmy’s car it’s just parked outside gathering dirt.’

Yes, I never thought of that and then there’s the house too. I’ll have to do something with that as well.’

“We can go around and sort out Jimmy’s things mam, if you like.’

“Would you love, I don’t really want to go, God knows what he’s got around there.’

“It’s hard to believe he’s been gone two weeks already.’ Right it’s settled, Keith shall have Jimmy’s car, you can sort out the change of name on the insurance. Keith can drive it home tonight.

“I couldn’t just take your son’s car Shirley, it wouldn’t be right.’

“Okay then Margaret, take it to the car dealer where I bought it from and exchange it for a model that Keith likes.’ I’m sure that you will get a good deal because that sportscar cost me over twenty thousand pounds.’

“That was twice the price of the one you bought me mother.’

“I know that love, but Jimmy insisted that I buy him a top of the range sports car.’

“Whatever you get from that car after you exchange it you can keep alright.’

“A second hand run around would do me Margaret.’ You can get some good cars that have only had one owner, just like Jimmy’s car.

“No, you will have a new one Keith,’ said Margaret.

Later that afternoon they drove to L J Motors in Seaton Delaval. Margaret checked Jimmy’s car over. she found a large quantity of cash in the boot in a brief case. There was a baseball bat on the back seat which gave her clues that jimmy had been afraid for his life. The car was in immaculate condition and when she dove it onto the fore court. the car dealer came out as soon as she arrived.

Mr Anderson was expecting Margaret as Shirley had rang him to tell him that she was coming in.

He came out to me her and shook her hand. I’m very sorry for your loss Miss Stephenson. It was a tragic business.

“Yes, it was.’

“If you would both like to follow me and I will show you the new ranges we have. Your mother has given me strict instructions that it is to be a brand- new model.’

Keith followed Margaret into the showroom as Gerald Anderson showed them around.

Both Margaret and Keith liked the black Ford Fiesta it was £4.595 pounds. It was economical on fuel and was fully road worthy. They took it out for a test drive and Keith was over the moon with the way it handled on the road. When they got back to the showroom. Gerald said he would give her nine thousand pounds cash and the Ford Fiesta in exchange for the sportscar.

Margaret laughed then said” try again Mr Anderson, you know that the car is only a few months old. It is in immaculate condition and worth far more than that. £13.595 for a car worth over twenty thousand pounds.

“A car depreciates in value from the moment it leaves the showroom I’m afraid.’

Really, then the Ford Fiesta we’ve just driven has Just depreciated in value too hasn’t it. Look I’ll ring my mother and tell her that you are keeping nearly six and a half thousand pounds. I’m sure when the time come for her to renew her car that she will go to another dealer.

Alright Miss Stephenson you drive a hard bargain, £12.000 pounds in cash and the Ford Fiesta.

No, I want £13.400 and the car or we walk. That still leaves you two thousand in profit. My brother’s car will sell no bother and you know it as well as I so stop wasting my time. Do we have a deal?’

“Deal said Anderson and they went to do the paperwork.

“Will you accept a cheque for the money?’

“Yes, a cheque will suffice.’

Once everything was signed for Margaret handed over the keys to the Hyundai sportscar.

Anderson gave her the keys to the Ford and they walked out and Margaret gave the keys to Keith.

“Here drive me home.’

“You are going to make a brilliant business woman, you are ruthless.’ I could see his knees knocking from under the table when you didn’t accept his offer.’

“If you were to set up your own business Keith what would you need.’

“Capital for a start which I haven’t got.’

I think your father would have a lot more respect for you if you could prove to him that you could make a prototype notebook and patent it. Could you, do it?’

“Yes, I have an idea. I can work on it if I get the materials.’

“Order them under my name then your father won’t suspect anything.’

“Now we need a brand name as a good selling point. We just can’t call it a notebook can we. It’s not retro enough for today’s market.

“Apple are instantly recognised said Margaret and so are Amstrad too.’ “I’ve got it, how about the “Blackberry Notepad.”

“That’s clever using my surname like that.’ I’ll register it this afternoon then get the patent. I’ll order what I need Margaret, I will need an electro-welder and Large magnifying glass. Safety goggles, flux, and some solder.

How long do you reckon it would take?’

“Six months maybe longer.’

Okay the quicker we start the better, you can use my computer when we get back and make a start.

When they got back to Margaret’s house Margaret went upstairs for a moment, she went to her room with the briefcase then opened it and tipped out the money onto the bed. There was a receipt from Aspers casino for fifty thousand pounds in cash. There were also some bank books that were in the sleeve of the case. She pulled them out then looked inside. Her brother had nearly two million pounds tied up in Esso oil shares.

Margaret came down stairs knowing she was going to be a wealthy woman. She rang Richard Charnock Jimmy’s solicitor from a card she found inside the case and spoke with him for half an hour. Afterwards Richard said that he’d transfer the money from her late brother’s accounts into her account. Margaret told him under no circumstances was her mother to be informed about Jimmy’s off shore accounts and Richard gave her his word. His silence cost her £10.000 pounds but it was worth it.

Keith was on the computer looking at a programme that would allow him to design his own model Notepad when Margaret came over to where he was sitting.

“He checked and re-checked the calculations and the dimensions before speaking.

“Okay Margaret, this is what it will look like, the Blackberry notepad will be approximately 40 centimetres long and 25 centimetres wide and 5 centimetres thick. Look Margaret we can make the screen separate and it can be placed on a hinge like a door over the key board. the key pad will house a place for the floppy disc but it will not be square like the ones they use now, It will be round like a record disc but half the size. Keith showed her a scaled model on the screen.

“Brilliant, tell me everything you need and I’ll ring them right now and see if I can get them to deliver it by parcel post tomorrow.’

Keith wrote a list of the things he wanted including red and green LED lights, a 6-cell 5200 AH battery, cable, and male and female plugs.

Margaret quickly made the order and they assured her that it would arrive on Monday morning.

Margaret then rang her mother and Gary to ask if they were coming over for dinner. She placed the lasagne in the oven then prepared the feta salad. 

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