//Falling for Grayson❤️

Angel is a senior in high school and she finds herself in love with a new boy. There is a bunch of lies,love,sex, and other drama coming their way. Stay tuned. (;


2. the boy next to me

Chapter 2: The boy next to me

I walked to my first period class chewing on my cream cheese bagel I got from breakfast. I was the first one to class and I was shocked by that. "What the hell?" I thought. "Am I in the wrong class?" I looked out the hall and then I checked my schedule. "Shit! Wrong classroom! I went to my second period class." I ran to the right class before the bell rang. I ran into the classroom and I started heavily breathing. "Angela. What a surprise." Mr.Powers said. "Hi.." I said still trying to catch my breath. I walked to my seat and finished up my bagel. "Hey Angela. I saw you running like a weirdo." Andre chuckled. "Oh shut up, prick." I laughed. "Watch the language,Angela." Mr.Powers said as he folded his arms. I rolled my eyes as Andre laughed his ass off at me.

The bell rang and everyone started coming into the classroom. "Okay class. I'm going to hand out a-" before Mr.Powers could finish a boy ran in. "Sorry I'm late. I'm new and I didn't know where the class was.." he said trying to catch his breath. "Holy...shit...." I thought. This boy was hot as fuck. "It's okay. What's your name?" Mr.Powers asked. "Grayson." He said. "Grayson..." I thought. "What a hot name for a hot boy." Mr.Powers looked around the room and saw the seat next to me was empty. "Have a seat next to Angela." He said. I jumped and looked at Grayson. I was red. So embarrassing...

Grayson walked over to the seat next to me and sat down. I was shaking and sweating. "Calm the fuck down,Angela. He's going to think you're a creep." I thought. My terrible anxiety took over. "You okay?" A voice next to me asked. I turned to Grayson and he was looking at me with confusion. "Oh I'm okay..thanks..." I said nervously. "No problem. I'm Grayson." He said. "Oh I know. I'm Angela." I said. "I know, haha." He laughed. Damn his laugh...

*after class*

I grabbed my back and stood up from my seat. "Hey Angela.." said Grayson. "Yes?" I asked. "What do you have next?" He asked. "Science." I said looking at my schedule. "Oh me too. Want to walk together?" He asked as he brushed his fingers through his hair. "O-Oh sure.." I said smiling as I blushed. "Are you blushing?" He asked with a sexy smirk. "N-No!.." I said. "Haha. Okay let's go." He said. As he walked past me I face palmed myself and sighed. I followed him out the door saying goodbye to Mr.Powers.


We walked into science and sat down next to eachother in the back. "So tell me about yourself." Grayson said. I looked at him with surprise. He wants me to tell him about myself?..I'm not used to that. "Well..I do cheerleader, I have two best friends,and I have a twin brother." He looked at me after the last part. "Me too! I'm pretty sure he has English right now." He said with a cute smile. "You have a twin??" I asked with surprise. "Yeah I do! His name is Ethan. I hope he's comfortable though. We hate being separated." He sighed. "I'm sure he's okay." I said. "Hey when do you have lunch?" He checked his schedule and slid his index finger down the paper to find Lunch. "I have it 7th period." He said. "Damn me too. If your brother has it 7th he can sit with us." I said. "Us?" He asked. I realized what I just said and immediately got embarrassed. "U-Uh I mean..you don't have to sit with me-" he looked at me with a smile and laughed. "Of course I will." He said. His smile was beautiful. Every time he smiled I caught butterflies in my stomach. He's adorable.


It was lunch and as I was walking to the cafe I heard a familiar voice come from behind me. "Angela!" Said the voice. I turned around and saw Grayson. "Oh hey!" I said. "Hey. Ethan has lunch 7th period too so he can sit with us." He said. "Oh good! I'll find a table. You want to wait for him?" I asked. "Yeah I'll wait for him." He said checking his phone for any text messages. "Okay." I said as I walked into the cafe. I noticed a group of girls whispering and laughing. "Oh hell no..not today" I said to myself. This group of girls were the biggest bitches in the whole school. Honestly I wish their little leader,Paige, was one of the people I beat the shit out of. "Hey loser!" Paige said. She walked up to me and I wanted to just throw a textbook in her plastic face. "I see you made a friend." She said. "Yeah so?" I rolled my eyes. "Well you see..I wanted to be his friend. Sadly you're in the way so..." she said. "Fuck off. I don't even want to deal with your bullshit this year." I said as I put my hand in her face. I walked away to an empty table. She stood there crossing her arms and stormed to her table. Boy did that feel good.

Grayson walked over with his brother. "Angela this is Ethan. Ethan this is Angela. She's chill." He said as he pulled out a chair and sat down. "Hey Angela. What's up?" He asked. "Nothing much. Are you guys enjoying your first day?" I asked. "Definitely, but I hate having gym so early.." Ethan chuckled. "You'll he used to it. I had it second period last year." I said. He looked at me with wide eyes and then laughed. Damn his another hot one. Well duh they're twins of course Im gonna think Ethan is hot too. My phone then beeps a few times in my pocket. I pull it out and see it was Jackie. "Hey! There's a party tomorrow night! Let's go! It's going to be Friday tomorrow anyway!" The text read. "Who is it?" Ethan asked. "Oh my friend, Jackie. There's a party tomorrow night she said." I read the text. "Oh cool. I can't remember the last time we went to a party." Grayson said. "Why don't you come with us. It will be fun." I smiled. They looked at eachother and shrugged. Cutest shrugs I've ever seen. I know I'm weird but deal with it. "Sure we'll go." Grayson said. "Great. Jackie can pick you up." I said as I started replying to Jackie about picking up the twins.

A//N: hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more (:

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