//Falling for Grayson❤️

Angel is a senior in high school and she finds herself in love with a new boy. There is a bunch of lies,love,sex, and other drama coming their way. Stay tuned. (;


1. First Day

Chapter one: First Day

Today is my first day of senior year. Boy was I glad. The past three years stuck in this school sucked ass, but I got through it with my best friends, Jackie and Mary. They always stuck by me and I always stuck by them. We were The Three Musketeers. Always fought annoying bitches who fucked with us and always defend eachother. Of course we were well known in our school. Not for fighting but for always being close to eachother.

I do varsity cheerleading and Jackie plays varsity Soccer. Mary plays Varsity Lacrosse but is suspended from playing due to fighting one of the other team's players. Who could blame her? She deserved it, haha.


I awoke to my alarm clock and I quickly got out of bed. I pissed and washed my hands. I then brushed my teeth and started to think of how today was going to be. I grabbed the clothes I wanted to wear today and threw them on. I wore a cropped sweater and ripped jeans. I threw on my black harauches. I went to the bathroom and started to straighten my hair. My hair is a wavy, but pretty hair. Everyone loved playing with it and I didn't care. My hair straight looked amazing and to be honest I felt hot.

I walked downstairs and walked to the kitchen. I saw my mom making pancakes as always. "Morning mom." I said as I sat down. "Morning. How did you sleep?" She asked. "Pretty good." I said as I placed a plate where I sit. "I just want to get today over with." My mom turned to me and put two pancakes on my plate." I started to eat them as I heard my annoying twin brother come down the stairs. "Morning bitches!!" He shouted. I immediately rolled my eyes. "Jaxon don't yell it's too early." My mom said as she placed a plate for my brother.

"Sorry. Angela get ready we're going to be late." Jaxon said as he stuffed his face with pancakes. Yeah my name is Angela. Sorry I didn't mention that before. My brother and I ran out the door and into the car. He started the engine and I started to check my streaks on Snapchat. All of a sudden Jackie texted me and asked where the hell I was. "Sorry. I was eating." I replied back. "No excuse. You promise you'd be here early." She responded. "Won't happen again." I replied. As soon as we pulled up and I quickly hopped out the car. I walked toward Jackie and Mary. "Hey bitch." Mary said. "Morning asshole." I laughed. "Let's grab breakfast and head to class. I'm starving." Jackie complained. "Yeah yeah drama queen we'll get you your bagel." I said. We then walked into the school.

A/N: sorry this chapter is so short, but I promise the others will be longer. (;

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