yes i'm

my little daughter is angry with me, let me help her sleep, can you join me singing a poem for her

1. yes i'm

yes, I'm................ 
if loving you more than anyone in the world, is a fault then
I'm the culprit. 
yes I'm 

if caring too much for you 
if asking you not to do that, not to go there, not to ...., is my possessiveness 
then I'm possessive 
yes I'm 

if I could not get you dolls, you like 
I could not get you that pink frock, with my small monthly income 
then I'm that bad Dad, very bad 
yes I'm that poor Dad, 
but I have my sweet little princess.... 

if your mom left me alone, giving you birth 
if I see her in you if I do not want to lose you again 
then I'm rude 
yes I'm 

but do not be angry with me 
do not stop talking to me 
I know your anger will dissolve when I'll hug you..... 
like your mom....

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