Journey to come

Having a rough past can be hard or can make you stronger. When Mia moves to Los Angeles she meets a totally different kind of world. New people and places. Wil it be the best or worst?


2. Old ends new beginnings



I looked up and saw a kind, fairly young looking women walking towards me. She was dressed up in a tight suit and her hair was beautifully in a backbun, I could see she took good care of her looks. I smiled at her.


''Hi! I'm sorry didn't know who to look for.'' I shook her hand.


She introduced herself as Miss. Lane. She will be my so called supervisor. She is the one I have to turn to while i'm in La. While walking to the cab she explains a few things about my upcoming days, she gives me a big green map with a lot of papers, she tells me to read every single page thoroughly. 


We all take a seat in the cab, I inmediately put in my earplugs in case she starts talking again, it's not that I don't like her it's just I enjoy being one with my mind. I lean my head against the window and turn the volume up. I'm amazed by the view, everything is so different than where i'm from. I see all kinds of people, white, dark, people with their pants as low as you can possibly imagine and people with so many colours in their hair, it's really beautiful to see. Everything just takes my breath away. It's around 8 pm so the sun is starting to go down, because of this there is a beautiful orangy/pink glow in the sky and the sun sits low. It gives a really relaxing vibe with the palm trees next to the road and the beach in the back. 


Miss Lane shows me arround the apartment complex, It's a big squared white coloured building, bigger than i expected. I look up, it's probaply about fourteen stories high. in the middle of the complex there is a garden with a few benches and trees. My place is on the seventh flour. I like high buildings but it does give me the creeps when I think about it. It has the most beautiful views but when something goes wrong you are to high to leave inmediately. I try to push the thought away and listen to what miss Lane says.

''By the way, it's really polite if you introduce yourself to your neighbours! Just little tip darling.'' She looks back at me and winks. ''Everybody from our program in LA is placed in a different part of the city''


I smile back awkwardly, not knowing what she means with the wink. I open my door and sigh. 


''This is beautifull!'' I quikly check out the whole place. It's not the biggest but it's perfect for just me. It has this whole window wall with a door to my balcony. It has a beautuful view over the neighbourhood and the beach. I do need to paint the walls, choose the floor and get some basic furniture. I took my inflatable bed so at least I can get a good nights rest. I thank Miss Lane for everything, she will check up on me every once in a while I close the door. I lean against my door with my back and stand there for a few minutes. I'm letting it all sink in. Everything happened so fast, just this morning I was with my grams. The memories of today rewind through my mind, when I got in the plane, met miss lane, saw the most beautiful places today and the best of all my own place! Exitement flows through my body and I start dancing around. Nothing can make me sad right now, it's just me in the moment enjoying the good things in life, I feel so grateful. I miss grams but I know this it what she wants for me. 

''Hi sir can I aks you something?''


''Ofcourse, what can I help you with?'' A beautiful young man with the lightest brown eyes looks at me and smirks.


I feel my cheecks turning red so I turn my face away and look down. ''I'm not sure which one is the best colour. I thought maybe someone could help me but i'll manage.''


He walks in front of me and takes the colour samples out of my hand. ''Ofcourse I can help a lovely lady like you. It's my job to help after all!'' He looks at the samples, his eyes go up and meet mine. He has a playfull look in his eyes which makes me even more nervous. He walks to the colours while i'm just looking while he's looking for a colour from the shelf.


''I'm a more white kind of girl to be honest.'' 


''Hmm.'' He mumbles while continues to look at the colours.


''You really take your job seriously huh?'' I laugh.


''A job is there to be taken serious when you have such a beautiful lady asking for your help.''


I don't know what it is what this guy but he makes me blush every time he calls me beautiful. He makes me so nervous when he looks at me. 

''I think i'll stick with white, but thank you for your help.''


''Not so fast. I have the best colour here.'' He hands me this light blue colour. ''It matches your eyes.''


''I think I prefer white.'' I look up and our eyes meet. Yet again I blush.


''It's the most beautiful colour we have, I know you will love it too. Life is to discover, not to stay in your lane.''


''I've had enough of that for now so I think i'm good.'' 

I put the colour away and take a white one instead, I turn around and walk away as fast as I can so he can't try to talk me out of it. I go to the register and hear someone soflty laughing behind me. I this person putting something with my stuff. I look behind me and see him. He took the blue colour and put it there, he is crazy. What does he even think he's doing. I take the can and ask the cashier to put it away.


''Wait, just take it, it's on me. Try it and decide later.'' He says and gives me the sweetest smile.


Gosh, this boy really doesn't know how to stop does he. 

''Fine, i'll take if that's what it takes for you to leave me be.'' I give him an annoyed look.


''I will, for you.'' He says still smiling.


''Great.'' I take both cans and rush out of the shop. 

When I got home I started painting all of the walls. I admire my work but it doesn't feel complete probably because there's no furniture at all. I open the blue can and paint it on a piece of toilet paper. 


''A girl's got to improvise when she has nothing, right?'' I have this thing that I tend to talk to myself when i'm alone. I hang the paper on the wall, take a few steps back and just look at it for a few minutes. It annoys me that that boy was right.. it does add something to the room even though I hate to admit it. I take a quick look at my Phone and see it's already 1 am. Time flew by so fast today I could really use a good nights rest considering I have my first schoolday tomorrow. Painting is a tough job when you're alone but like he said I will decide later.  


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