Journey to come

Having a rough past can be hard or can make you stronger. When Mia moves to Los Angeles she meets a totally different kind of world. New people and places. Wil it be the best or worst?


1. Little love



I used to have the best childhood you can possibly imagine. It was just the three of us, my mom, my dad and I and oh my grandma! She lived in the sames town as us. They where all I had We lived in a small town, there weren't many people of my age so it could get boring sometimes. My parent made sure I would never get bored when they where home. I felt save and loved. 


'I still remember the endless games we would play outside, running and laughing or that my father made me this treehouse in the backyard. It was my little escape place. When I was alone I always used to come there and draw, drawing really was my thing. There was this time when the three of us played hide and seek. I hid in their closet. I kept laughing so they knew where I was but still they kept searching through the whole house. I peeked through a tiny gap in the closet doors and saw them looking for me. When they ''found'' me we laughed and laughed until we cried.'


​I smiled while reading this page of my old yournal. I wrote this four years ago. My mom and dad both passed away. First my dad, he died in a car accident when I was eleven years old. My mom and dad never fought, they where so in love even after all those years. But that one day they got this huge fight about the smallest thing. My mom yelled at him to leave the house and return the day after. The next morning when everything was calmed down he drove home and got hit by this crazy person who wasn't paying attention. My mom never forgave herself for forcing him to leave. I guess that when he died, a part of her died as well. The two years after my dad passed where really hard on the both of us. My father was my best friend. My mum completely shut down, she began drinking more and more each week. She never left her room so ny grandma did everything for us. She came to clean the house, bring me to school, cook for me, bring me to bed. It  was as if my mom wasn't even there sometimes. My mom stopped working so the bills kept piling up. I was young but I knew what it meant. Eventually we got forced to leave our house within a month. That was the month my mom decided she didn't want to live anymore so she took her own life.  I guess she couldn't find her way out of the darkness. I don't blame her though.. she was my mom and gave me the best childhood I could ever wish for. 

My grandma took me in right after. It was really hard to leave the house so I walked past it everyday just to look at it. My grandma took good care of me the past five years but I always felt an emptyness inside. Starting this year my grandma started forgetting a lot of things, it started small but it escalated so damn quickly. She now lives in a nursing home. I just turned eighteen but i'm still underaged. My grandma and I found this place called enjoyy. It's a group of people who give you the opportunity to live somewhere far away from where you live. It's for people who have lost their parents and have nowhere else to go. They will give you an appartmen, an education and they check up on you every once in a while. It is not cheap but I still had my savings. I singed in and got accepted. Which means i'm moving. It's a big change.. i'm moving from a small town to Los freaking Angeles! I still can't believe it. 

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