Close As Strangers|| Ashton Irwin

Every night I'm losing you in a thousand faces
Now it feels we're as close as strangers



12. him

It's been about a week since we've been home. Kayla and I are both doing really well, so I guess that's a plus.

"Babe... everyone is coming over..." Kayla came in the room.

She broke her wrist during the wreck, and has a concussion, but other than that, she's fine. It's a miracle we made it out alive.

She sat down on the couch next to me, and I wrapped my arm around her. "I love you..." I whispered.

She smiled. "I love you.."

My babygirl is too cute. So perfect.


Everyone was at the house, but everything was quiet. Something was about to happen. That kind of tension was in the air.

"So... Rylie and I have something to tell you.." Luke said excitedly.

Rylie smiled. "We're having a baby... I'm pregnant."

Kayla and Jade literally attacked her. "How are you the first one to get married and have a child? We always figured you'd be the last to do that!" Jade laughed. "But congrats.. I'm so excited!"

Rylie gave a picture to them, which I'm guessing was one from an ultrasound. "I'm exactly two months today... Two more months and we can find out the gender.."

They are going to make the cutest family... But not as cute as the family Kayla and I will have one day...

Short, shitty chapter. Oops. I have major writers block for this fanfic Omf

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