Close As Strangers|| Ashton Irwin

Every night I'm losing you in a thousand faces
Now it feels we're as close as strangers



10. him

A relationship with Kayla is everything I thought it would be. She's literally an angel in disguise. If I didn't have her, I don't know what I'd do.

After we told each other out true feelings, everything seemed right in the world.

I was taking her out for a date night. Something special, just like she is.

"I'm so glad we got past everything..." She sighed, looking out the window of the car. Lights flashed past us every few seconds, and they hit her face perfectly every time.

Suddenly, the stop light turned red. I tried to slam on the brakes, but they just weren't working. The cars on the other lanes honked their horns, but it was no use.

"Ashton! Watch ou---" Kayla screamed, but then everything faded out. Everything was black.

I could hear everything, but couldn't see. My vision slowly started to become clear, and I looked around at my surroundings. Kayla. Is she okay?

I looked to my right, and saw my angel unconscious. Blood trickled down her forehead. "Kayla..." I tried to say, but my voice cracked. She's not moving. I can't even tell if she's breathing.

Sirens flooded my ears, and slowly, they got us out of the car. "Can you tell me your name, sir?" The woman asked as they put me on the stretcher.

"Ugh, Ashton..." I moaned. "Where's Kayla?"

"We're taking you both to the hospital... You're going to be okay..."

"What about Kayla? I need to see her." I tried to get up, but the woman held me down.

I need to see her.


I woke up, a pain flowing through my entire body.

"Hey, Ash..." Luke was sitting in the chair next to me. "How you feeling?"

"Like shit..." I sighed, and then immediately thought of Kayla. "Where is she?"

His facial expression changed quickly. "Um... She was hurt pretty bad in the accident.. The car that hit you guys ran into her side of the car... She's in a coma, Ash. The doctor said that it's a 50/50 percent chance of her waking up... They have her stable right now, but they have to keep a close eye on her. Rylie and Jade are sitting in there now.."

Just then, someone I haven't gotten the chance to meet walked in. "Are you Ashton? Hi, I'm kayla's mom.." The woman said.

Oh shit.

Shorter chapter than normal... Ran out of ideas, sorry.

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