Close As Strangers|| Ashton Irwin

Every night I'm losing you in a thousand faces
Now it feels we're as close as strangers



8. her

"Hello?" I answered without looking at the caller Id.

"Hey, Kay... It's Ashton..." His voice spoke. "I was just calling to see how you were..."

I couldn't speak. It was like I was frozen in time.

"Um... I'm fine, thanks. How about you?" I quietly asked.

"I'm fine... I guess. I guess I should go. You don't want to talk. Bye." He said, and hung up before I could say anything.

What the hell was that? I always have to fuck something up, don't I? I know it was me who did something, of course it was! I'm stupid for even thinking we could fix what happened between us.


"Want to do something? I'm bored." Jade asked, sitting next to me on the couch. "Let's play Mario Kart."

"Only if you want to get your ass kicked." I laughed, grabbing the Wii remotes. I tossed one to her and we turned on the system.

We played for hours. Stuff like this helps me get my mind off things. And I definitely couldn't be sad since Jade was playing with me.


*6 weeks later*

"Happy Birthday, Ry!" Jade and I yelled in unison into the speaker of Jades phone.

She laughed. "Thanks, guys. I'm finally 20."

"Well, we're going out tonight. Like, in a couple of hours... So, get ready, and we will pick you up at 6." Jade told her and they hung up.

We're taking her out to dinner tonight. We're going to the place that we ate when we all moved here. It's not a big fancy place, but it's something that she wanted to do. She's upset that Luke can't be home for her birthday, but she knew that he would have to miss some important events when they first got together.

"I'm going to take a shower, and get ready... I'll help you with your hair if you want..." I told Jade, and then went into my bathroom.

I stripped out of my clothes, and turned on the hot water. There wasn't any time to take a bath, so I tried to make my shower go as fast as it could.

Once I get out, I dried my hair, and put the outfit I had pre-laid out on. I straightened my hair, and then went into Jade's room to do her hair.

I plugged in the curling wand, and waited for it to heat up. After it heated, I quickly, but efficiently, curled Jade's hair. I don't know why we're doing our hair like this, there's honestly no point. But oh well, who cares. "Amity isn't coming.. She's sick."

"Well that sucks.. I was hoping we could have a girls night..." I sighed. "But oh well, we can still have fun.."

Finally, it was time to go pick Rylie up. Jade started the car, and the radio came on immediately. "And here's 5 Seconds of Summer's new hit Wrapped Around Your Finger. " the announcer said.

I sighed, and flipped it to a different station. But it seemed like every song reminded me of him. I flipped to another station. Eventually, I just turned the radio off. It was too much, and I didn't want some stupid songs to get me down.

We pulled into Rylie and Luke's driveway, and Jade honked the horn. "I'm too lazy to get out.." She groaned.

Rylie came outside, and got in the backseat. "Thanks for doing this guys... It's weird not having Luke here to celebrate with me..."

"We were going to take you out whether Luke was here or not.." I smiled.

We drove to the restaurant, and went in to sit at our regular table. It was very crowded, just a couple of small families sitting in the back corner. The bell on the door rang, and I heard Rylie gasp.

"Luke?" She said, getting up to walk to him.

"Surprise, babe. Happy Birthday..." He smiled, and quickly kissed her. "We have 2 weeks off before the American portion of the tour starts. So, we came to surprise you."

Calum walked in behind him. "You just left us in the car..."

Us? Oh, shit.

The restaurant door opened. I  wanted to be calm, but I could feel my emotions bubbling underneath the surface of my skin.

"Hey, Kayla.." Ashton spoke to me.

"Ashton.." I mumbled under my breath."

Hey guys. Another cliff hanger 😂

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