Close As Strangers|| Ashton Irwin

Every night I'm losing you in a thousand faces
Now it feels we're as close as strangers



2. her

Ashton groaned in his sleep. He must be waking up. His eyes fluttered open, and his hand flew to his head. "What the hell happened last night?"

"We drank a little to much champagne..." I answered. Ashton jumped a little, but smiled when he saw me. I tossed a bottle of Tylenol to him. "Take these, it'll help."

Ash sat up on the bed, and pulled me to him. "I still want to know more about you..."

I laid my head on his chest, and sighed. "I still don't know what to tell you..."

"What are you favorite things? Like your favorite band, color, movie..."

"Paramore, purple, Les Miserables...." I thought for a while until Ashton spoke again.

"So... Want to go out for a while?" He asked.


We were walking around NYC, our fingers intertwined. Every once in a while, a flash would interrupt our talking. We were walking around Times Square, and he was telling me about his family. "I have a little sister named Lauren, and a little brother named Harry. Lauren is 14 and Harry is 12. So, what about your family?"

"Um, I'm an only child..." I replied. "I never really knew my dad, but my mom is there for me... Sometimes."

Ashton's smile turned into a frown. "I understand how that is... My dad left when I was two... And my mum tried to be there for me.. But then she had got together with another guys, and had two kids... So her attention turned starlight to them. After we started the band, she really wished that she had spent more time with me. I'm usually never home, but I try to talk to them when I can..."

We kept walking, and stopped at Starbucks for something warm. We sat in a booth, and talked some more. "So, you said that you write songs? What's your inspiration to write?" Ashton questioned.

I took a sip of my coffee and cleared my throat. "Well, I use my own experiences for some songs. Others I just walk down the main streets of town and look at others fortune or even misfortune. Trying to figure out where they belong, what they were meant to do. What their destiny is.. What does fate have for them to do with them next?"

"We should write together some time..." Ashton grinned. "The music we could make..." I beamed at him. "Let's head back to my place.. We need to talk about private.."

When we got back to his place, we sat on the couch, and he put his hand on my leg. "So, about last night.... We shouldn't have done that.. It was a mistake."

"It wasn't as good for you as it was for me? Cause it was--" I stopped myself, seeing Ashton's expression. It wasn't good for him. Only for me. I was too caught up to realize how stupid I was.

"Listen, I'm not saying that it wasn't amazing... I'm just saying that we probably shouldn't have done it so fast, you know?"

I slightly nodded. "I need to go.. I'll, um, talk to you later.. Goodbye Ashton.." I tried to stand up, but he grabbed my hand. He stood up next to me, and crashed his lips against mine.

"I told you it was amazing..." A smirk played against his lips. "I'll just have to show you how amazing it really was.." Our lips connected again. They moved in sync. Ashton's hands slid down my body, landing at my hips. His fingers dug into my skin, pulling me into a trance. We pulled apart, and he walked me to the door, and I told him goodbye.


"So, where were you last night?" Jade asked me. We shared a small house, just outside the main city. Rylie lived with us, until about a month before the wedding. "I didn't see you and Ashton after Ry threw the bouquet."

"Well, you see... Ashton and I went to his place... And we may or may not sex." I told her straight forward.

Her eyes widened, and she opened her mouth to say sole thing, but I could tell there was doubt in her eyes. "Well, do what you want to do... I'm not stopping you. Ashton is a great guy.. I think you two would be cute together..."

Yeah, we would be cute together...

Second chapter ☺️

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