Secrets|| Peter Parker



4. 3: The Avengers pt. 2

Joey's POV

I watch as my dad puts on his suit. I'm sitting in one of the jets, even though my father did not want me to go with them.

"I'll be right back... don't go anywhere." He tells me, and flies off. He and Captain America were trying to fix something for Mr. fury.

A few minutes later, something lands on the top of the jet. Being curious, I walk outside. Two men walk up to me, and grab my arms.

I scream, and kick, and cry, but they still drag me behind them. "Let me go!" I cry.


Tony's POV

I go back to the jet to check on Joey.

"Joselyn Stark, you better be playing a game!" I yell after I can't find her sitting where I left her. I feel my heart stop and my breath catches in my throat. She's gone.

"Jarvis. I need you to help me track her. Give me the surveillance footage."

"Yes, sir."

Within seconds, 3 videos show up on the screen. Tears fill my eyes as I see two men grab my little girl, and drag her away. I will not stand for this.

"Jarvis, can you try to identify these men?" I say, my voice breaking.

I wait. Nothing. Longer. Nothing.

"Sir, I can't find anything. Except the emblem on their jackets. They are part of Hydra."

Rogers could possibly help me with this. He may be the only thing that can help me save my daughter.

"Cap, I need your help!" I yell, walking into SHIELD.

Many heads turn to look at me.

"What is it?" He asks, seeing the look of fear on my face.

"Joey, she's been taken. By hydra... Jarvis caught the people on video, but we cannot recognize them."

Steve gulps, He has dealt with these people before. "Of course I'll help. Show me the videos."

Okay so the next chapter is going to be set further down the road for them. It is going to be set in Age Of Ultron. Everything will be explained in the next few chapters.

-ry ❤️

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