Secrets|| Peter Parker



3. 2: The Avengers pt. 1

2 years later

3rd Person POV

Ever since Tony Stark announced that he was, in fact, Iron Man, young Joselyn Stark's life had been turned upside down. She thought that once he was found, he would start to spending more time with her. But it turned out to be the opposite. He spent even less time at home, and even more time flying around in his suit. When he was home, he was downstairs working on the suits. The only thing that has actually changed was her mother and father were finally together.

The now 8 year old girl is currently sitting in a car with her father, both of them not saying a word. She was supposed to go with her mother on vacation, but Pepper decided last minute that Joey should spend some time with her dad.

"Where are we going?" The little one asks.

"New York City." He simply says.

Joey nods. They only live about 30 miles outside of the city limits of NYC.

The car stops, and Happy comes around and opens the door for the two in the back of the car. Tony suddenly takes Joey's hand, and pulls her with him. They walk for what seems like forever to the girl.

They walk into a building, and Tony states his name. A woman smiles at them, and tells them to follow her. They then walk to a set of elevators. The woman clicks the button for the highest floor, and they started to move.

The elevator doors open, and Tony pulls his daughter out behind him. A man, who was wearing an eyepatch, walked over to the two.

"Mr. Stark. Nice if you to finally join us." The man says.

Tony nods, a cocky smile on his face. "Traffic." The man motions for Tony and Joey to walk with him. "So, Fury, why am I here exactly? I mean, I know you need me... But what am I going up against?"

"This isn't just you, Tony. This is the Avengers, which I told you we didn't need you for anymore."

"Um, Phil, I think that's his name, showed up to my house and told me that I was needed. So, you do need me."

"Don't flatter yourself." A female voice spoke.

Tony looks up, and sees Natasha, the same woman who came to his home and pretended to be his personal assistant.

"Hello, Natalie, Natasha. Whatever your name is? I never really know."

The red head rolls her eyes. "You are an idiot, Stark."

The little girl lets go of her fathers hand, and runs over to Natasha.

"Hey, little one.." she smiles.

Joey walks back over to her father. He takes the girls small hand in his large one, and guides her to a seat. She sits, like her father tells her to.

Another man walks in. Joeys face lights up. It's captain America, her favorite superhero.

She gets out of the chair, and creeps over to him.

"Hello," he smiles down at her.

Joey smiles back. "H-hi. Can.. can I give you a hug?"

The man looks a little suspicious, but then graciously hugs the young one.

"What's your name?"


"Hi, Joey. I'm Steve."

The little girl giggles. She loved learning about Steve Rogers in school. It was her favorite thing to talk about. She has a Captain America tee shirt, and she even made her own shield to play with. I guess you could say that Cap is her favorite person in the world. And her father hates it.

Pt 1 , just so I could post something :)


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