Secrets|| Peter Parker



2. 1: Iron Man

3rd Person POV

"Joselyn, we need to talk..." Happy, her father's bodyguard, rushes into my room.

She gulps, but nods. "Is everything okay?"

Deep down She knows that everything is not okay. If something small happened, her mother, Pepper, would be the one to come tell her. When Happy comes, things are never okay. Joselyn can faintly hear sobbing coming from one of the rooms down the hall.

"It's your father... He's been....kidnapped."

"What do you mean, kidnapped?" The little six year old girl asks, her voice slightly cracking.

She doesn't really get to see her father much. If he's home, he's downstairs working. But usually, he's traveling. All for work. He's kind of an ass sometimes. Almost 7 years ago, before she was conceived, Joselyn's mother, Pepper Potts, just worked for Tony Stark. She had always loved him, but he just wanted to sleep around. One night, he got drunk, and "confessed" his love for Pepper. And, of course, she gave in. After she told him that she was pregnant, he got very distant. He knew he had the money to care for the child, but he didn't know if he had the mindset to do so. And he's still distant. Joey know he loves both her and her mother, but he just doesn't know how to show love.

"So, he was showing off some new weapons, but we don't know exactly where. They were heading back to camp when they were attacked. No one has seen him since."

"But you don't know know if he's okay?"

Happy shakes his head. "We all are confused. Rhodey and his team are trying to find him. He will be found. And people will pay for what they did."

The girl feels the tears forming in her eyes, but nothing comes out. She can't make herself cry. She's never been close with her father. But she still loves him. And she knows that he loves her. But he's Tony Stark. He's always working.

Happy walks to the girl, and she throws her arms around him. She cries for what seems like hours to the man, before her sobs and breathing slows.

He lays Joey down on her bed, and pulls the blankets up to her shoulders. He slowly shuts the bedroom door, trying not to wake the sleeping girl.

Little did she know that it would be weeks, months before her father came home. But he wouldn't be the same....

Kind of a bad ending to this but...I think the next chapter is going to be set during The Avengers ☺️


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