The Sorority Part 3 A novel

Abby Grimes is back at The Sorority for another year in Louisiana. As she battles the Louisiana killer, she plans to stop him before there's any more deaths.


2. The Sorority-Part Two


The killer ​sat motionless like a statue. He was eager to kill again. The perfect rhythm of death was on his mind; the idea of murder stemmed from the non-idyllic childhood was erased  from his distant memory. His parents were good, Christian, people; his face was soured by the twist of fate, as the nightmare resumed as he grew older. At thirty-five, he was older...and wiser as he first went to the bayous. He risked everything as he turned fourteen when he was suspended from school. It was something that was thrilling. But, to him, there wasn't any point to the nightmares he was having. And now he had a place to kill. 

The sorority.

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