The Sorority Part 3 A novel

Abby Grimes is back at The Sorority for another year in Louisiana. As she battles the Louisiana killer, she plans to stop him before there's any more deaths.


1. The Sorority-Part One


Abby ​Grimes awoke from her sleep. She was too scared to feel scared yet again. The Louisiana killer was still on the loose; the killer wasn't dead-yet. She looked at the glass window. Maddie, who was reading '​House on Haunted Hill​' by Shirley Jackson, stared at the sorority dorm halls. The dim shadows was gone; the shadows lingered across her face, as she watched herself in the small mirror. "Maddie, there's something we have to do". Maddie nodded. "Does it concern the killer?", she asked her. "Yes". As the bright light illuminated the front entrance to Delta Phi Delta, the sorority girls were ready for breakfast. 

It was 8:05 AM.

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