The Sorority Part 2 A novel

Abby Grimes is a member of the Delta Phi Delta sorority house. When she, and her fellow sisters, struggle to fight off a killer, she puts her life on the line once more.

The sequel to The Sorority.


3. The Sorority-Part Two


​Hilary ​glanced around for anyone who'd seen her. "Relax", Nate said. She gazed at him. "I hate to see you thinking I'm just a sorority girl who makes out...". Nate shook his head. "I won't be the one who'll do anything to you. Like get stoned, or...". They peered at the full moon. Hilary, who wore a red dress, shook her head. "We can kiss. It's not a crime in Louisiana, right". Nate kissed her. "No​". And, as they kissed again, the sound of heavy footsteps were heard coming from The Cliff's front entrance. "Nate...someone's here...Nate...". And then the killer aimed his knife in the air, and brought it downward towards Nate. He screamed in fright. Then Hilary fled The Cliffs, and headed back to the sorority. Once she did so, she screamed to the night guards, and told them what happened.

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