The Sorority Part 2 A novel

Abby Grimes is a member of the Delta Phi Delta sorority house. When she, and her fellow sisters, struggle to fight off a killer, she puts her life on the line once more.

The sequel to The Sorority.


4. The Sorority-Part Three


​Abby rushed to Hilary's side. "What happened?", she asked her. "Nate and I were kissing at The Cliffs. It was all innocent; it was...You know...Nothing went wrong. We saw him...He attacked him". Abby shivered. "Him!​". She didn't need to be told who ​it was. She had a bad feeling about what was going on. Maddie poured coffee. "Here. Take this". And Hilary blew on the coffee mug, then drank it to calm her unsettled nerves. Once she was finished, she said: "I'm going to brush my teeth, and head to bed. Good night!", she said. And Abby all of the sorority sisters made sure that they were safe.

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