The Sorority Part 2 A novel

Abby Grimes is a member of the Delta Phi Delta sorority house. When she, and her fellow sisters, struggle to fight off a killer, she puts her life on the line once more.

The sequel to The Sorority.


2. The Sorority-Part One


Maddie ​stared at the kettle in the kitchen. She was thirsty. Abby waited for her. As the sorority sisters got to know each other, they were focused on the news on-line about the Louisiana killer. "He hasn't been caught because he is smart; he is careful not to leave behind any kind of evidence for the forensics to charge him with", Maddie said. Abby nodded. She gazed at the news app on her phone. "It isn't charged yet". She placed her phone into the deep socket; she waited for it to charge overnight. Then, as they saw the other sorority sisters in the dorms, Abby sensed the cold weather was outside. "It's going to rain", she uttered. And, seconds later, they walked down the hallway to meet and greet them.


Abby ​shivered. The air conditioning was on heat. She gathered her thoughts, as the other sorority sisters greeted her. "Hi, I'm Abby Grimes. This is Maddie". One of the teenage girls smiled. "You escaped from the Louisiana killer. Tanya Gowers". Abby nodded. "Yes I did. I have a strange feeling that he'll come back". Tanya scoffed at the idea; she looked out of the lounge room window. "He isn't here". She looked at the other girls. "Hi, I'm Carol Norton. And this is Hilary Xavier". Abby smiled. "Welcome to Delta Phi Delta. I'm Abby". Carol and Hilary smoked cigarettes. Suddenly Sara Dennison gazed at them. "Smoking is not permitted in the sorority". The girls blushed with embarrassment; Abby didn't say anything. "Sorry", they said. "Can our boyfriends see us?", Carol asked her. "​No! And that is a rule this year". 

And the girls sighed, and started to phone their boyfriends that they weren't wanted at the sorority.


Don Mackie shook his head.

"Carol says that smoking is not permitted at the sorority". He glanced at the teenagers drinking beer. "It's rubbish; it's ​always rubbish", he said. Nate Carmichael, Don's best friend, watched the other fraternity brothers at Phi Kappa Phi, as they had spent their time drinking, smoking, and drag racing in the dirty road. Nate shook his head. "Hilary will see me", he said. "Really?", Don asked him. "Yes, we're on a date tomorrow night at The Cliffs which is two miles away out of Louisiana". And he laughed, as dark clouds hovered above their heavy rain fell down on the southern city.

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