The Sorority Part 2 A novel

Abby Grimes is a member of the Delta Phi Delta sorority house. When she, and her fellow sisters, struggle to fight off a killer, she puts her life on the line once more.

The sequel to The Sorority.


5. The Sorority-Part Four


The ​security guards were on night patrol near the Sorority. They were scared. "What if the killer's here, Dave". Al Jim Franks said. He looked at the Cliffs app on his I-phone. It was several miles north of Louisiana. "​There! See!​", Al said. He was eager to drink some coffee. "What time is it?", Dave Harris asked him. "1.21 AM", Al answered. A full moon glowed in the early morning sky; its glow filled the iron gates. "Creepy", Al added. Dave nodded. Suddenly the killer aimed his knife in the air...and brought it down. Al screamed. Dave fled the scene in terror. And their night patrol had ended.

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